Student Research

Students who complete designated Programs of Emphasis in History write senior theses during 1 or 2 semesters. For details on the process, see the Curriculum page. For faculty research, please see the individual faculty pages in the left sidebar.

Recent Research 

  • Nitya Chagti '19: '"Kalós' and the Intellectual Development of Greek Aesthetics."
  • Bridget Redpath '19: "Picture Perfect Power: How Queen Elizabeth I Politicized Fashion and Portraiture to Tame her Nobility."
  • Andrea Zilch: "His Brother's Keeper: Esau Jenkins's Commitment to Voting Rights on Johns Island, South Carolina, 1948-1972."
  • Kahley Stewart '18: "'She's Making History Working for Victory': The Women Who Were Rosie the Riveter and the Foundation They Laid for 20th Century Feminism."
  • Mason Sherry '18: "A Historiographical Examination of the Nanjing Massacre: Victimization, Silence, and Denial." 
  • Christina Altland '18: "Fort Dewart: A Historical and Archaeological Analysis of an Underrepresented Fort." 
  • Andrew Burlingame ’17: “The Roots and Effects of Conservatism in Central Pennsylvania,”
  • Emma Campbell '16: "The Prodigal Daughter Returns: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Henry VIII and his Daughter Mary." 
  • Linley Erickson '16: "Curmudgeon for a Cause: Harold Ickes' Lifelong Work for Racial Justice." 
  • Kayla Morgan '16: "Fleeing to the Fort: Loyalist and Indian attacks in Sinking Valley." 
  • Erik Krueger ‘15: “Pride and Prejudice:  An Examination of the Nazis’ Anti-Semitic Propaganda Campaign, 1933-1941."
  • Elizabeth Faust ‘15: “How Screams into a Quiet Night go Unheard: American Government and Newspaper Censorship of Concentration Camp Reports During World War II." 
  • Kymberly Mattern ‘15: “Mobilizing the German Woman: Conforming to and Resisting Nazi Gender Ideology."
  • Lisa Bean '14: “'On Account of My Love for My People': Afrikaner Nationalism, Apartheid, and Afrikaner Identity in the Writings of Beyers Naudé."
  • Daniel Chessen '14: "US Policy During the Soviet‒Afghanistan War and its role in the End of the Cold War: Decisions, Policies, and Implementations" (D. Sowell)


“When they think of their work in the shower, they know their work has come alive. The voices of people from the past whisper in their ears, and they can’t ignore that.” Read more...

Alison Fletcher, professor of history