Juniata College Polly Walker

Polly Walker

Director of Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, Elizabeth Evans Baker Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies

Phone: (814) 641-3461
Email: walker@juniata.edu
Office: Oller Center 103
Juniata College [Department] Professor Celia Cook-Huffman

Celia Cook-Huffman

W. Clay & Kathryn H. Burkholder Professor of Conflict Resolution, Assistant Provost, Director of Non-Profit Leadership Masters

Phone: (814) 641-3465
Email: cookhu@juniata.edu
Office: Founders Hall 216
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stacia fleegal at juniata college

Stacia M. Fleegal

Baker Institute Assistant

Phone: (814) 641-3464
Email: fleegas@juniata.edu
Office: Oller Center 113
stacia fleegal at juniata college

Caecilia J. Van Peski

Lecturer in Pacs

Phone: (814) 641-3680
Email: VANPESKI@juniata.edu

Brenton Mitchell

Lecturer in Pacs

Phone: (814) 641-3363
Email: mitchellb@juniata.edu
Office: Unity House


Affiliated Faculty

Juniata College Physics Dr. Borgardt Associate Professor of Physics

Jim Borgardt

Associate Professor of Physics, Chair, Baker Institute Board of Advisors

Phone: (814) 641-6600
Email: borgardt@juniata.edu
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center P226
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Juniata College Lynn Cockett

Lynn Cockett

Associate Professor of Communication

Phone: (814) 641-3549
Email: cockett@juniata.edu
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center C111D
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Juniata College Associate Professor of Psychology Phil Dunwoody

Phil Dunwoody

Associate Professor of Psychology

Phone: (814) 641-5333
Email: dunwoody@juniata.edu
Office: Good Hall G417
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Juniata College Assistant Professor of History Alison Fletcher

Alison Fletcher

W. Newton & Hazel A. Long Professor of History
Chair, History Department

Phone: (814) 641-3547
Email: fletcher@juniata.edu
Office: Founders Hall 315
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Juniata College Professor of Politics Emil Nagengast

Emil Nagengast

Professor of Politics and International Studies

Phone: (814) 641-3650
Email: nagengast@juniata.edu
Office: Good Hall G316
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Juniata College Randy Rosenberger

Randy Rosenberger

Professor of Economics & Business Administration

Phone: (814) 641-3662
Email: rosenberger@juniata.edu
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center C213
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Juniata College Spanish Professor

Henry Thurston-Griswold

Professor of Spanish

Phone: (814) 641-3499
Email: thurston@juniata.edu
Office: World Languages Center H208
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Juniata College Communication, Department Chair Donna Weimer

Donna Weimer

Thornbury Professor of Communication

Department Chair of Communicaiton and Theatre Arts

Phone: (814) 641-3462
Email: weimer@juniata.edu
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center C111A
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Juniata College Sociology Professor Daniel Welliver

Daniel Welliver

Professor of Sociology

Phone: (814) 641-6605
Email: welliver@juniata.edu
Office: Good Hall G216
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