About the Program

Through the generosity of the Paul Schettler family, the Schettler Family LLC/Trust has established the Schettler Family Summer Scholars Program at Juniata College. The purpose of the program is to establish an opportunity for qualified Juniata students to perform summer research across campus. 

Students May Apply For

  • A summer stipend for a ten-week full time stipend ($4500)
  • Up to $500 for supplies and/or research-related travel (not for presenting research, there is a separate application for that)
  • Optional on campus student housing is available at a cost of ~$100 per week

Faculty Mentors May Apply For

  • A mentoring stipend of $2500 corresponding to their students' ten-week full-time experience.  Faculty mentors are expected to be available over the entire student work period to mentor their student researcher(s).  Mentors are expected to spend minimum of an hour per day (or equivalent) helping the student during the student's full-time work period.  To apply for the faculty stipend, indicate your request and mentoring plan on the student application form.  


  • Projects may be entirely online.  
  • Students must be enrolled at Juniata in the Fall semester of 2022 to be eligible.
  • The project must be research or scholarly work (as further defined in the application form) and mentored by a Juniata faculty member. 

How to Apply

  • Round 1 is closed.  There will still be funding for at least two projects in application round 2.
  • Applications for round 2 are due via email to Professor Buonaccorsi by 5pm March 1, 2022.  Email buonaccorsi [at] juniata {dot} edu.  Subject: Schetts summer scholar application
  • Describe the research/scholarship project in a proposal. The proposal guidelines are included in the application, linked here.
  • Projects must adhere to IACUC (Moodle: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) and IRB (Moodle: Institutional Review Board) guidelines where applicable. Those committees do not meet over the summer so authorization must be complete prior to the summer if applicable. Working under an existing authorization may be an option.  Students, please check with your mentor regarding feasibility.
  • Wherever the work is done, it needs to be in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.  The faculty member should address this in their statement of support.
  • The work period must be completed before the following academic year starts.

Proposal Evaluation Process

  • Proposals will be peer-reviewed by the Student Scholarly Initiatives Committee (SSI). Committee members include Vince Buonaccorsi, Norris Muth, Alison Fletcher, Dipali Puri, George Merovich, Kathy Westcott and Provost Bowen (ex-officio).
  • Members with conflicts of interest will self-identify and recuse themselves from evaluation.
  • Project awards will be announced by Feb 8.
  • Up to six high quality projects will be funded.  They will be ranked by intellectual merit and broader impacts.

After Proposal Has Been Accepted

  • See Tracy Roles regarding spending policies.  
  • Please document anything interesting about your work (photos, videos) so we can showcase your project on our web site.  Email the committee chair with contributions at buonaccorsi {at} juniata [dot] edu

After Completing the Work

  • Students and faculty who receive funding are each required to fill out a full report summarizing their findings by Sept 15 of the year the work was performed.  
  • The form for the report is TBA.
  • Students who receive funding are obliged to present at the Liberal Arts Symposium