As the academic year and the semester comes to an end students may feel an increase amount of pressure. Also known as stress. According to stress "occurs when the pressure upon us exceed our resources to cope with those pressures." Students may feel this excess stress with the amount of work due towards the end of the semester. Stress can cause illness and other health related problems if you do not learn to how to live with stress. There are many stress relief tips and relaxation techniques to help you control stressful situations.

First, you should not try to avoid stress or the feelings of emotions. Stress is a part of everyday life. Learning how to relax and deal with stress can be very beneficial to your health and overall well-being.

Stress Relief Tips

Do one thing at a time

Sometimes school work seem like an endless job, no matter how much you do there is another pile waiting. This can cause stress. A very wise professor once said to take it (all work) bird by bird. Doing one thing at a time not only gives you the satisfaction of completing a task but also of having one less thing to worry about.

Cut down on competitive stress

Believe it or not we compete for a lot of things such as time, space, attention, and a host of other things. Sometimes this kind of competition is avoidable and unnecessary.

Throw something out every day

Clutter can create stress. It makes things that you need harder to find which can add to your stress. Eliminating the clutter will make your office, home, room, and any other workplace more bearable and less stressful.

Eliminate meaningless deadlines

Avoid making yourself feel overwhelmed with school work. So many people have unnecessary deadlines. Sticking to a schedule is very important, but don't overdue it. Be realistic. Give yourself time to write and revise your papers and complete other projects.

Get more out of life by doing less

Don't feel that you have to be a part of every club on campus and every event that comes to campus. It is okay to take time out for yourself.

Split projects and assignments into small pieces

This can be very helpful. A heavy load of work can become stressful. Break your assignments into small tasks that are more manageable.

How do you deal with stress? There are many stress relief techniques.


Exercising releases stress. Spring is in the air and doing exercises outside is very helpful for releasing stress. Go for a walk or play tennis. Exercising does not have to be in a gym.

Do something you like

Reward yourself. Go shopping (window shopping counts), see a movie, or go dancing. Dancing releases a lot of stress. Juniata offers many dance classes. Try it!

Treat yourself

A hair cut or a new pair of shoes would surely make you happy. However, if you are stressed for cash, borrow some nail polish and paint your nails and toes. Or play a video game but just remember to give yourself a time limit. This would allow you to rest and take your mind off whatever is making you feel stressed.

Sleep more

A lack of sleep can lead to stress. You always feel better when you have adequate sleep.  For tips on how to get a better night's rest, follow this link.


Simply stretching can release stress. Stretching your back and rolling your neck are simple exercises that release tension. This can be done while sitting at your desk or while standing. Yoga is a wonderful stretching exercise.


Sex can be an excellent de-stressor. Please remember to always be safe and wear protection. The Health and Wellness Center has condoms available.

Dress in lighter colors

The color you wear can affect your mood. Lighter colors reflect happiness and dark colors sadness.


Your faith can be very helpful during stressful times. For spiritual guidance contact the campus ministries office at the Unity House.


There are places in town that offer massages for a reasonable price. Contact the Health and Wellness Center if you are interested.

Have Fun

Go play, take a walk, talk to friends, or watch a funny movie. Doing something that is fun for you can be very important for releasing stress.