To View Pay Advices (Statements)

  1. Log on to the Juniata campus portal, the Arch. 
  2. Click on the Employees tab.
  3. Under the Finance and Operations area.
  4. Under this is Payroll, look for the link that says “Your Payroll.”  This will open up a window for the initial WebAdvisor screen.
  5. Click on the LOG IN tab to get started.
  6. Enter your EagleNet login ID and password, then click Submit.
  7. Once you have logged in, Click on Employee..
  8. Now click on the Pay Advices.
  9. Under Current Year, you will see a list of pay dates for which you have pay advices available. Click on the date of the advice you would like to view, and a new window will open with the advice. You do not need to click Submit. When the available online pay advices span multiple years, you will be able to use the Select Other Year dropdown to list and view advices in past years.
  10. If you see the message “You are not set up to view your pay advices online. Contact the Payroll Office (x3303) if you want to view your pay advices online.”  You will need to contact the payroll office to request to view your pay advices online.
  11. When you have finished with this advice, close the window and you will return to the Pay Advices screen.
  12. Now you can view another advice, or click on the Employees Menu or Main Menu tabs to work in other parts of WebAdvisor.  If you have any questions or problems, click the Contact Us tab for information on getting assistance.
  13. When you have finished using WebAdvisor, click the Log Out tab.
  14. When you click the Log Out tab, you will get warnings about closing your browser as a security measure.  If you are working on a publicly accessible computer, closing the browser by clicking OK and then Yes is a very good idea to protect your privacy. If you are working on your personal computer, you can click Cancel and then just close the window to return to the Arch.

If you have any questions you may contact Melinda Bowser, Payroll Specialist.