You are giving back by saying thanks!

For most donors, one of the most rewarding experience of giving to the college is the thanks they receive from those individuals who have benefited from their generosity. Be sure the tone and content of your letter is suited to the task, and that you remember that the donors have given to Juniata so that they may help students. They want to hear about you, and hope their aid will help you to succeed!

Dear Mr., Ms. Or Mrs. (Donor’s Last Name),

Paragraph 1:
Thank your scholarship donor for their generosity and tell the donor how the scholarship influences your education. State how your opportunity to attend Juniata has affected your life and your family.

Paragraph 2:
Tell the donor some personal things about yourself-where you come from, why you chose Juniata, your POE, extra-curricular activities, interests, classes, experiences (study abroad, research, internships)-they are interested.

Paragraph 3:
Talk about what your plans and goals are after you complete your Juniata education. Are you starting a job, going to grad school, volunteering? Are you traveling, moving to a specific place? Do you see your career heading in a particular direction? Did the scholarship allow you to experience things that changed or helped shape your plans? Even if graduation is still far away, what do you hope will happen?

Paragraph 4:
Thank your scholarship donor again. Example: Without this scholarship, I would not be able to be here at Juniata. It was my first choice college and your contribution allowed me to come here. Your contribution has meant so much. Thank you again for your generosity!

(Full Name and Class Year)

If you have any questions – please feel free to contact me, Cathy Closz at, and thank you again for helping with this important outreach.