In an effort to support Juniata College’s mission of providing the highest quality liberal arts education, it is important to have qualified employees and allow for a safe and secure environment for the students, employees, and visitors of the College. Background verifications help to protect the funds, property, and other College assets.


It is Juniata College policy that all new Faculty, Administration, Supporting Staff (including hourly employees), Facilities, and qualifying student workers have credential, criminal, and basic background information verified as a condition of employment.
· Motor Vehicle Record checks will be conducted for employees who will be driving company vehicles or who will be driving on behalf of the College.
· Credit History Checks will be conducted for positions involving financial responsibility, including, but not limited to positions within the Accounting Department.
· International Record Verification will be required for non U.S. citizens, where available. The search will be based on each countries laws and regulations. International databases, such as INTERPOL, will also be used for verification purposes.
· The results of all background checks will be returned directly to the Office of Human Resources to insure all Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations are followed.


· Social Security Verification – this search verifies and analyzes social security numbers to match previous address information and potential alias.
· County Criminal Search – this search will be of the counties of previous residence for a scope of 7 years and will search for criminal convictions.
· National Criminal Research Database – this search is a national search that focuses on registered violent crimes & sex offenders.
· Education Verification – this search verifies dates of attendance, degree awarded, major, minor and other certificates achieved.
· Employment Verification – this search will verify dates of employment, position held, salary, full or part-time status, attendance, reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire for employers within the past 5 years or up to three verifications.
· Motor Vehicle Record Search – this search will provide current license class, status, restrictions, endorsements and violations reported by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.
· Credit History Check – this search will provide type of creditor, origination dates, current status, transaction amount, current balance, and delinquent account information.


· Candidates must be willing to sign a release in order to receive an interview. The release must be signed and returned on or before the day of the interview.
· After the initial consent is signed, the College reserves the right to recheck background information at any time during employment.


· If an applicant does not complete the required release, or if the results of the investigation are unsatisfactory, an official authorization of employment will not be offered.
· Juniata College has a zero tolerance policy for applicants who do not disclose criminal history or who fabricate information.
· Disqualification criteria will be on a case by case basis. Decisions will be based upon the position, type of offense, and date of offense in accordance with EEOC recommendations.


· If disqualifying criteria are reported, Human Resources will send candidate a Pre-Adverse Action Notification letter. At this time, the candidate has ten calendar days to contact our third-party consultant to discuss information reported. After ten calendar days, an Adverse Action letter will be sent and the candidate will not be eligible for hire.
· If a candidate is ineligible for hire, Human Resources will contact the hiring manager and inform him or her of candidate ineligibility. In order to maintain privacy, the reason for ineligibility will not be disclosed.


· For certain critical positions, conditional offers may be extended to an applicant before the investigation process is complete. If the investigation reports an adverse background, the applicant will be suspended and the adverse action policy will be followed. After ten calendar days, if the report is not corrected, the applicant will be terminated immediately.