Juniata College is a predominantly residential campus. Therefore, the entire college is open and operating unless the college officially announces the closing of offices and/or classes because of a weather emergency.

  1. A recorded message announcing emergency closure will also be available by calling
    643-4310 and 641-3000 no later than 6:00 a.m.
  2. The college will announce emergency closing over radio and television stations WPSU-TV, WFGY-FM, WHUN/WLAK, WQHG-FM, WGMR-FM, WMRF-FM, WKVA-AM, WRSC-AM/WQWK-FM, WQKK-FM, WZWW-FM, WXMJ-FM, WKVR-FM, WJAC-TV, WTAJ-TV, WWCP-TV, Channel 60 (Juniata College information channel) as early as possible the morning of the emergency closure. Check with your supervisor or the telephone message (643-4310 and 641-3000) as to whether classes and offices are closed for the day or will open at a later hour.
  3. In case of delayed opening, classes will resume the regular schedule at the opening hour, for example, 11:00 a.m. classes at a 11:00 a.m. opening hour.
  4. In case of mid-day emergency closing, official announcements will be made through
    e-mail and recorded telephone message.
  5. Even when classes and offices are closed for a weather emergency, these operations will remain in service using available personnel: Facilities Services, Kennedy Sports+Recreation Center, Beeghly Library, Computer Center Main Lab, and Food Service.
  6. Faculty are asked to give special consideration to students living at a distance from the campus when weather prevents them from coming to campus while classes are in session.