Juniata College is committed to the protection and safety of both minors and college students.  As such, the College has reviewed our internal processes on training of volunteers, and will be identifying those volunteers that come into contact with minors and college students and providing training on reporting requirements.


  • Volunteer – an individual who performs services directly related to the business of Juniata College, whether on or off campus, for their own benefit to support the various activities of the college and/or to gain experience in a specific endeavor.  A Juniata College volunteer is an uncompensated individual who performs services of their own free will, without the promise, expectation or receipt, of any compensation or other tangible benefit.
  • Minor – enrolled students and individuals visiting the college for various reasons who are under the age of 18.
  • Continuous Interaction – occurs when the primary function of the volunteer is not considered incidental.  The volunteer will be considered to have continuous, regular, or repetitive interaction unless they are participating in one of the exempt programs listed under Incidental Interaction.  Volunteers with continuous interaction, may be defined as but not limited to, individuals who interact with camps/counselors, coaches, private tutoring, mentoring a minor/college student in any capacity that includes one-on-one interaction (such as driving in a vehicle or hosting students in their homes). 
  • Incidental Interaction – occurs when the primary function of the volunteer is to assist with specific functions or events.   This usually occurs in a public location, an open office, classroom or other facility, and typically has two or more individuals present.  Volunteers with incidental interaction would not be meeting or having one on one interaction with minors.  As a general rule, an individual will fall into the “incidental” classification if their volunteer activities are utilized for the following:
    • Performances or events open to the general public
    • Visits and tours for prospective students organized by the Enrollment Office or Campus Life.
    • Other visits and tours of campus as approved by the Director of Conferences and Events
    • Tutoring and mentoring by full-time Juniata College students who are registered in recognized organizations or participating in community service activities sponsored by an administrative or academic unit of the College provided that such activities take place only in public settings during normal operating hours.
    • Visits by minors over the age of 16 who are prospective student-athletes, or siblings of enrolled students, when hosted by enrolled College students.  All such visitors shall be fully subject to all Juniata College Student Code of Conduct while on campus.
    • Private events that are by invitation only.

Requirements and Procedures

  • All departments that utilize volunteers are required to follow this policy, and comply with the following procedures before utilizing volunteers.
  • Juniata College will require all volunteers to sign a Volunteer Agreement prior to any event or activity.
  • Volunteers with continuous interaction are required to submit to and/or complete the following:
    • Criminal Background
    • Child Abuse Clearance
    • Complete Mandatory Reporter on-line training program
    • And if have overnight exposure or extensive one on one interaction, Federal Finger Printing
    • Sign the Volunteer Agreement
  • Volunteers with incidental interaction who are not required to complete the mandatory reporter training, be required to submit to and/or complete the following:
    • Review a 10 minute YouTube video “Shine a Light”.  United Educators training video.
    • An orientation by the volunteer sponsor- Juniata College employee in charge of the event- clearly instructing the volunteer that they have an obligation as a volunteer for Juniata College to report any sexual abuse seen or suspected to the sponsor immediately. This does not supersedes any requirements of a mandatory reporter.  
    • Sign the Volunteer Agreement
  • No event utilizing volunteers should be permitted unless volunteer agreements are received and proper training is provided.
  • Departments that are utilizing volunteers must designate them by the type of contact the volunteer has with minors and college students as defined in this policy, and must require volunteers to provide all information and complete all training required.
  • Departments that are utilizing volunteers are required to have records identifying their volunteers, the category of volunteer (continuous or incidental), type of training required, date of completed training, date clearances were received and date the Volunteer Agreement was signed – copies of the clearances and Volunteer Agreement will be maintained at Human Resources.  A spreadsheet will be an appropriate means to maintain departmental volunteer records.
  • Training does not need to be completed annually.  Juniata College will follow federal guidelines in regards to volunteer retraining.
  • Human resources will serve as the central repository for all volunteer required documentation and clearances.
  • Annually, it will be the responsibility of Risk Management to audit the records and ensure campus compliance.

Approved by Senior Leadership Team 3/23/20