I. Scope and Purpose

The Office of Conferences and Event (C&E) will pay college administrators who serve as camp directors working Internal Camps from the income generated as a result of those camps. Administrative Camp Directors will be paid with the guidance of this policy.

II. Background

Administrative Camp Directors are responsible for hiring staff, programming the camp, and working with C&E to market and make appropriate arrangements for their camp in terms of housing, scheduling, meals, and purchasing equipment and supplies as necessary. As Administrative employees, Camp Directors will be working on their camp as part of their regular job function and they are unable to negotiate a different compensation level. The camp director functions should be substantially operated outside normal work hours. Administrative camp directors must have the expressed approval of the Vice President for their area.

They may choose to accept this amount as a stipend or they may choose to split their compensation with a Camp Staff member (i.e., assistant, student director, etc.) as supplemental pay above and beyond their regular compensation.

III. Detailed Procedures

a. No later than 6 weeks prior to the camp, Administrative Camp Directors will submit paperwork to obtain the appropriate clearances as detailed in the Clearance Policy. Additionally, they will have to complete the appropriate paperwork for pay to be submitted through Payroll and Human Resources, if necessary.

b. Administrative Camp Directors will be compensated one half (½) of the net revenues generated by the camp. This means all expenses will be paid through the revenues generated by the camp and then the remaining sum will be split between the Administrative Camp Director and the College.

i. In the event the camp suffers a loss, the camp may be run the following summer with specific attention paid to marketing (to generate more income) and to identifying areas where expenses can be minimized.
ii. In the event the expenses exceed the total revenue generated by the camp, the Administrative Camp Director will not be paid. Should the camp be run again the following summer, the Administrative Camp Director will only be paid after the deficit from the previous year has been recovered.

c. Administrative Camps Directors are responsible for acquiring approval for all purchases through C&E. All invoices, bills, and charges will be processed through C&E. Administrative Camp Directors are not to use their own purchasing cards to make purchases for camp programming.

d. Administrative Camp Directors are responsible for managing the budget in terms of creating revenue by recruiting campers, and minimizing expenses where possible. Camp budgets must be able to cover all expenses before the Administrative Camp Director is paid. C&E will process payment for all bills before the Administrative Camp Director is paid. If the costs associated with the camp exceed the revenue generated, Administrative Camp Directors will not be paid. Additionally, the loss suffered by the camp will carry over to the next camp season and the Administrative Camp Director will not get paid until the loss has been recovered.

IV. Additional Information

Other procedures or adjustments may be made on a case-by-case basis to accommodate unique requests. These modifications are made only with just cause and are subject to the approval of the Coordinator of C&E.

This policy will be reviewed by cabinet annually to determine the continuation of pay for administrative camp directors.

Approved by cabinet- April 18, 2005.