During work hours or when representing the College, employees are expected to present an appearance that is consistent with the work being performed or professional standards.

Business casual days are approved for the summer and Fridays. During the summer every day will be a business casual dress day until the students return in the fall. During the academic year business casual dress is acceptable on Fridays only. It is important that Juniata College maintain a professional image, so the following guidelines apply: 

Please consult the daily office schedule of appointments to determine if business casual is appropriate for the day. We recognize that acceptable business casual dress may vary from department to department, depending upon the department's function. For example, athletic wind suits are acceptable for athletic staff and jeans for student services staff as they interface with students. Please consult your supervisor with questions regarding your individual department. 

Acceptable: Khaki and casual pants, appropriate fitting leggings or stirrups, skorts.
Unacceptable: jeans, shorts, sweatpants, jogging pants, athletic wind suits. 

Acceptable: Shirts with collars, polos, appropriate T-shirts, turtlenecks. 
Unacceptable: Casual T-shirts with inappropriate messages or advertising, tank tops. 

Acceptable: athletic shoes, sneakers, boat/deck shoes, sandals. 
Unacceptable: flip flops, thongs.

A good rule of thumb: If in doubt as to whether it is appropriate-change.