Juniata College Katrina woods

Student Research

  • Rachel Jester ’10, “The Feeding Habits of Woodpeckers Around Raystown Lake”
  • Ashley Bauer ’11, “PA DEP Surface Water Assessment Program: An Analysis of Water Quality at Spruce Creek and the Little Juniata River”
  • Blake Colaianne ’11, “Transferable Geospatial Skills in a Liberal Arts Context” and “Determining the Best Use of Visuals in the Geosciences Classroom”
  • Anna Jaworski ’11, “Foliar Morphology of Castanea dentata Sub-populations in Pennsylvania”
  • Jamie Hersh ’11, “Heavy Metal Accumulation in Wildlife, Canis Latrans, and Domestic Cattle, Bos Taurus”
  • KaLynn Kline ’10, “The Effect of Dairy Farming on Local Stream Nitrate Levels”
  • Nathan Miller ’11, “Environmental Impact of Marcellus Shale Drilling”
  • Christine Mucciolo ’11, “Monitoring First Order Streams for Indicators of Contamination from Marcellus Shale Drilling”
  • Michael Nguyen ’12, “Copper Isotope Signatures as an Exploration Tool in the Pebble Porphyry Deposit”
  • Sean Patrick ’11, “Data Mining Environmental Attitudes”
  • Justin Paul ’12, “A Study of the Physical and Chemical Weathering of the Marcellus Shale in Central Pennsylvania”
  • Michele Seroskie ’11, “The Effects of Marine Acidification on the Population Density of Gnathostomulida”
  • Karen Warpinski ’13, “An Attractive Aroma? A Study of White-Tailed Deer Attractants in the Non-Breeding Season”