Juniata College Katrina woods

Student Research

  • Ashley Weiand '19 and Shannan Davidow '18: "Natal Nest Philopatry in Northern Map Turtles (Graptemys geographica) of the Juniata River."
  • Logan Stenger '18, Austin Peck '18, Aldo Legge '18, and Colton Craig '18: "An Assessment for Potential Eastern Hellbender (C. alleganiensis) Habitat in a Coldwater River System in South-Central Pennsylvania." 
  • Anna Carlson '18 and Hannah Blackburn '18: "Characterizing Site Fidelity in Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) in the Little Juniata River." 
  • Lily Cedarleaf-Pavy '18: "Crayfish Population Distributions Throughout Central Pennsylvanian Water Systems." 
  • Alexander Bischer '17, Shannon Davidow '18, and Calvin Liu '18: "Peace Chapel BioBlitz 2017." 
  • Karen Warpinski ’13: “An Attractive Aroma? A Study of White-Tailed Deer Attractants in the Non-Breeding Season.”