A distinctive feature of the Juniata College Health Professions Program is a broad array of formal affiliation agreements. These agreements enable qualified students to gain early acceptance or interview preference into the professional programs listed below.

Several types of programs are included, designated below by the number of years a students spends at Juniata College, followed by the number of years spent at the affiliated institution. The 3 + _ programs allow students who matriculate at Juniata for three years and complete all the Juniata College general degree requirements, to earn degrees from both Juniata College and the corresponding professional institution after one year of professional study. It is not necessary to pursue an accelerated program, however, as all our affiliates also welcome qualified Juniata students who choose to spend all four years at the College.

Specific affiliations are listed below.
The "_" designation indicates a variable number of years at the professional school, depending on the specialty chosen.

Some of the affiliates also offer Special Opportunities for Juniata students. Details are below.

For more information contact the Health Professions Director, Tricia Hunt.

Chiropractic Medicine

3 + 3 B.S./D.C. program with the New York Chiropractic College

4 + 3 B.S./D.C. program with the New York Chiropractic College


4 + 4 B.S./D.M.D. Early Acceptance Program with the Lake Erie College of Medicine School of Dental Medicine


4 + 4 B.S./D.O. Early Assurance Program with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine


Preferential Application Review with Case Western Reserve Francis Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Occupational Therapy

Guaranteed Interview with Thomas Jefferson University 


3 + 4 B.S./O.D. program with Salus University at Pennsylvania College of Optometry


3 + 3 and 3 + 4 Accelerated OR 4 + 3 and 4 + 4 Early Acceptance B.S./Pharm.D. programs with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy

Physical Therapy

Guaranteed Interview with Thomas Jefferson University

Special Internship Opportunities Through Our Affiliates

  1. Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University - hosts a week-long Optometry Learning Experience in January.
  2. Altoona Family Medicine Summer Internship Program
  3. Gift of Life Summer Internship Program
  4. Summer Research Experience in Neonatology
  5. Geisinger JanPlan Shadowing Experience