The Health Professions Committee is an interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff that provides guidance and support for students aspiring to pursue a career in the health professions. Each individual student receives a Health Professions Advisor who specializes in their chosen health professions career starting first semester freshmen year. This committee serves pre-health students through individual and group advising, formal coursework, training workshops, and facilitating relationships with professional schools and regional health care organizations.

We help students successfully apply to professional schools.

The Health Professions Committee supports each student applying to professional school through our committee process. In the fall of their application year, students take the Health Careers Preparation Seminar (HCS) course (HP 370). HP 370 is a one credit course dedicated to preparing your professional school application. This course takes the guess work out of the application process.

In the spring of their application year, students submit an application portfolio to—and are interviewed by—our Health Professions Committee. This is an incredible opportunity for students to hone their abilities before going to professional school interviews. The process culminates with the committee writing a comprehensive letter (a committee letter) about each applicant’s attributes, successes in college, and aptitude for their chosen profession. The detailed and intensive committee process helps Juniata applicants stand out to professional schools and is one of the many reasons that Juniata has had a high acceptance rate to professional schools over 25 years.

2020-2021: 80.7% acceptance rate to Health Professions Schools (85% Medicine, 100% Dentistry/PT/OT/Veterinary, 50% Physician Assistant)

2021-2022: 83.3% acceptance rate to Health Professions Schools (70% Medicine, 67% Dentistry, 100% PT/OT/Nursing/Podiatry/Veterinary Medicine/Physician Assistant)

Patricia Hunt – Director of Health Professions

Health Professions Committee Members by Career Track