Pre-Art Therapy

Essential Courses

Course # Title
AR 104 Design and Color
AR 107 3D Design
AR 201 Introduction to Art Therapy
AR 103 Beginning Drawing
AR 125 Explorations in Clay
AR 110 Survey of Western Art
AR 200 Beginning Painting
AR 215 Ceramic Sculpture
AR 225 Wheel Throwing
AR 204 Digital Art I
AR 203 Digital Photography I
AR 300 Intermediate Painting
AR 305 Intermediate Ceramics
AR 329 Early Modern Art
AR/CA 330 Modern to Contemporary Art
AR 318 American Art
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PY 203 Abnormal Psychology
PY 304 Cognitive Psychology
PY 321 Health Psychology
PY 350 Developmental Psychology
ED 120/121 Child Development/Lab
ED 130 Adolescent Development
  Two courses in intermediate or advanced painting, drawing, or ceramics

Important Notes

Highly recommended additional courses include: Human Sexuality, Social Psychology, Personality, Child and Adolescent Development. Also recommended are: Philosophy of Art, Introduction to Students with Exceptionalities, Introduction to Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Ethics of Health Care, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Social Work Practice, Social Work Practice, Introduction to Anthropology, Child and Family Services, Drugs and Society, Social Problems and Social Welfare, and courses in Communication and Religion.

  • Although this course list will be sufficient for most graduate programs, make sure to check requirements of schools in which you are interested no later than your sophomore year to ensure that you get the proper background.
  • This course list does NOT represent a POE, nor does it cover College requirements. Design a POE, preferably in an academic area, in consultation with your advisor.
  • Make sure to have your advisors in the Art and Psychology Departments.
  • In addition to your course work you are urged to gain some experience in observing an art therapist or participating in a service learning art project either during the school year or over the summer.

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