Dear Departing Students:

The Staff of the Center for International Education wishes you all the best during this time as you prepare for the end of the semester. Please try to enjoy these last few weeks of your time at Juniata. We will miss you!

It is your responsibility to complete the check-out process. Juniata will not release your grades (to you or your home university) until after the check-out process is completed in its entirety. The check-out process has 4 steps. All must be completed in order to receive your deposit back and/or have your transcript released.

Please complete Steps 1 and 2 prior to the Reentry Workshop. You will not get your contingency form until Steps 1-3 are completed.

  1. Update/complete contact information
  2. Complete Exit Survey
  3. Attend Reentry Workshop (Wednesday, December 11th, 5pm – Global Commons, TNT)
  4. Complete all components of the Contingency Deposit Clearance Form (You will receive this once you have completed steps 1-3)

After and only after you have completed all four steps will your transcripts be released and if you paid a security deposit, you'll be able to receive your deposit back.

  1. Submit Contact information -
    Fill out the Personal Information and Contact Information section. Leave the rest blank. Please use your home contact information.
  2. The Exit Survey - Click here to complete the Fall 2019 exit survey.
  3. Reentry Workshop - The purpose of this reentry workshop is to get you thinking about your time here and how you've changed since your arrival. We will also talk about how those changes may affect you when returning back home and how to deal with them appropriately. The Reentry workshop will be held Wednesday, December 11th, 5pm – Global Commons, TNT.
  4. The Contingency Deposit Form - The Contingency Deposit Form is the official form to check out of Juniata. You will receive this form from the CIE after you've completed steps 1-3. You will have to take it to different offices such as the Library, Post Office, Public Safety, etc. for someone to sign off that you do not owe any money or items to that department. Once you have completed the form you will bring it back to the CIE. Liz or Shya  will sign off on the form BEFORE you take it to the Bursar’s Office. If you have paid a deposit to the College and you do not owe any money, $250 will be given to you in cash when you submit the form to the Bursar's Office. Not all of you were required to pay a deposit, so some students will not receive money back. If you do not complete the Contingency form in its entirety your deposit will be forfeited and a hold may be placed on your account.

    As part of your Contingency form you need to check out with your RA/RD and return your housing key. You must make an ‘appointment’ with him or her one or two days before you are leaving. It is very important to work with your RA/RD because checking out of your room can only be done a day or two before you are actually planning to leave.

Please note it is your responsibility to make sure you pay any outstanding balances, including any hospital bills, and return all items borrowed. Failure to do so will result in a hold placed on your account.

Students who worked on campus this semester will need to contact the Payroll Office at to make sure you receive your final pay before you leave campus. The money cannot be deposited into your account if you have closed the account with your bank.

If you have anything useful that you cannot take with you, you can leave it at the Center for International Education for future international students. For example, if you have a TV, a fan, cell phone, a carpet, blankets, pillows, stereo/radio, etc. we will keep it for future international students. Also, if you borrowed anything from the CIE please, return it before you leave.

You should plan to leave within 24 hours of your last final exam. If you need to stay on campus after your last final exam, you must contact Residential Life to receive permission to stay on campus longer. All students must be out of the Residence Halls by 10 am on Saturday, December 21st.  Please remember to tell us when you’re leaving.