Confidential Counseling Services 

Glaeser Counseling Services is committed to providing accessible, inclusive, and professional care quickly to our diverse student body with sensitivity and compassion.  Every clinician engages in continuing education to ensure we are practicing from an informed and evidenced-based approach for each of our students.  Glaeser Counseling Services are available to actively enrolled students during the fall and spring academic semesters.  

To Schedule an Appointment
  • If this is your first appointment at Glaeser Counseling Services, go to the Online Portal and select "Intake Forms and Schedule an Intake" (set aside 30-40 minutes to complete the forms as they will "time out" for privacy and security reasons if not completed).  Intake Forms ask sensitive questions regarding personal history.  You will be prompted to select an intake appointment with a specific day and time following completion of the Intake Forms.
  • If you are a student who has had an intake in the past, go to the Online Portal and select "Returning Student Forms."  The forms will ask for updates on reasons for seeking counseling and your schedule of availability.  The clinical team will review returning student forms each week then contact you with an appointment time.  If you would like to resume counseling at the start of the semester, please submit these forms before classes start or as soon as possible upon your return to campus.
  • The typical amount of time between completing the Intake Forms and the Intake Appointment is 3 - 5 days.  We encourage students to select the first available time for the Intake Appointment.  After the Intake Appointment, students are assigned a primary counselor.  Primary counselors will be assigned according to clinician and student availability with consideration for student preferences.   
Location, Hours of Availability, and Contact Information
  • Location: 1610 Moore St. (#46 on the Campus Map)
  • Lobby Hours:  Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm (closed 12pm - 1pm some days)
  • Phone: 814-641-3353
  • Email: 

Please Note: 
If you are having current suicidal thoughts with intent and/or a plan to act on these thoughts, immediately contact any of the following:

    • (814) 641-3636..........................................................Juniata College Public Safety 
    • (800) 929-9583..........................................................Tri-County Crisis
    • 9-8-8............................................................................Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
    • 9-1-1............................................................................National 9-1-1 Program

Services Available

Intake and Initial Assessment

The Intake Appointment is scheduled via the portal and students meet for an initial assessment with a counselor who will explore the student's concerns, assess for safety, and provide professional recommendations to the student.  Recommendations often include internal referral to a primary counselor among Glaeser Counseling Services Staff, connection to psychiatric services provided through our telehealth partnership with Mantra Health, and information regarding other resource offices on campus.  Students whose needs exceed the services offered at Glaeser Counseling Services are provided referral to the appropriate level of care.  Our students are supported with our services to establish those referral appointments and receive care until those appointments occur ensuring no gaps in support.

Individual Counseling

Glaeser Counseling Services are designed to be immediately responsive to acute student distress and needs with treatment goals that work toward discharge by resolving presenting issues or establishing services to provide outpatient treatment.  Students typically meet with a primary clinician at Glaeser Counseling services for bi-weekly individual sessions when they start counseling.  As treatment goals are achieved, students often reduce the frequency of appointments as they progress to discharge.  Services are individualized and recommendations, referrals, treatment goals are established utilizing a person-centered model.

Counseling Group / Support Groups

Groups are established throughout the semester to address various topics.  Students do not need to engage in individual counseling to attend various groups.  Clinicians facilitate groups both in person and remotely via video.  Groups include process groups (group talk therapy), psychoeducation groups (focused on learning about topic and development/practice of specific strategies to manage various challenges), and meditation groups to learn and practice mindfulness techniques.

Same Day Appointments

Same Day Appointments are available on a limited basis by calling or emailing.  These appointments are available for unexpected, situational circumstances encountered by a student who needs immediate support.  This appointment cannot be guaranteed to be available and is not designed for crisis intervention where there is a high safety risk.  Students who have recently missed scheduled appointments with their primary counselor are generally not eligible for Same Day Appointments.

Psychiatric Services

Juniata College is proud to have a partnership with Mantra Health to provide high-quality psychiatric care for students with psychiatric needs included in the support services and program fee. Mantra Health psychiatric providers and medical supervisors work in unison to assess, diagnose, and treat patients with various mental health conditions. Risk management and triage services are utilized, when needed, to ensure safety and effectiveness of care in a collaborative manner with Glaeser Counseling Services clinicians.  Students must have an initial assessment and receive a referral to Mantra Health Services from a Glaeser Counseling Services clinician to access the college sponsored care at no extra cost.  *Students are responsible for any prescription medication costs.

How Can I Work with Mantra Health?
      1. Speak to your intake counselor or primary counselor anytime about seeing a Mantra Health clinician. If appropriate for your treatment needs, your counselor will make the referral to Mantra.
      2. You will receive an email to set up your account in the Patient Portal.  The Mantra Health Patient Portal is not associated with and completely separate from the Juniata College Titanium Portal.
      3. Complete the onboarding tasks in your Mantra Health Patient Portal, which will take about 10 minutes, and schedule your first appointment if this hasn’t been done for you already. Be sure to do this before your appointment - this helps your provider focus the time spent with you on discussing your goals and establishing a treatment plan that’s right for you.
      4. Join your first scheduled appointment with your provider through the Mantra Patient Portal.
      5. If you have worked with Mantra Health in a previous year and would like to be connected again, please follow the instructions on the Mantra Health Portal.  If you have difficulty reconnecting, please contact the Director of Counseling via email at with "Mantra Health Reactivation" in the subject line.