Summer employment opportunities must be offered to current and incoming Juniata College students before hiring others (this includes graduating seniors).  We will not employ students who are not high school graduates unless prior approval is granted by the appropriate Vice-President and Director of Human Resources. The first day of summer employment is May 14, 2015.
All summer employment opportunities must be posted in the announcements and listed with financial planning.
A completed employment authorization card (available online) including the budget line to be charged for each student working in the department must be provided to the Office of Human Resources prior to student beginning to work.  With the enactment of the “New Hire” law, we need to provide the State with a list of new employees within 15 days of the start of employment.  Otherwise, we will receive monetary penalties that we will pass on to the non-complying department.
All tax and I-9 paperwork must be completed prior to the student starting their employment.  If the paperwork is not complete, they will not be able to enter time into Kronos.  Students must not be allowed to work unless their paperwork is complete.  It will expose the College to financial penalties if we do not comply with the paperwork requirement.
Employees must not serve in a supervisory role for their own relatives.  Children of employees will not be eligible for hire within the same department in which their parent works.  They may be employed in the division in which their parent works with prior approval by the division’s Vice President and the Director of Human Resources.
The hourly rate for students during the summer is $7.25. Technology positions are $11.87 per hour wage rate.  Variations to the hourly rate for positions that are not grant-funded or endowed must receive prior approval from the appropriate Vice-President and Director of Human Resources and must be consistent across departments.
Students may not work more than a total of 40 hours per week even if they are working several jobs on campus without prior notification to the Director of Human Resources.
The College does not subsidize housing for students employed during the summer.  Certain outside grants may provide funds for housing.  Juniata students that attend class, perform research or work 32 hours or more will be charged $65.00 a week for summer housing.  Students who work less than 32 hours a week will be charged Juniata’s summer conference rate of $20 a day in single occupancy and $15 a day in double occupancy.  Housing is not included as a deduction/benefit in the student’s paycheck.  Rather, it is billed through the Accounting Office.  Arrangements should be made with the Housing/Accounting Offices to have this set up. [rates to be set each May]. 
Letters of employment must be prepared for all non-students (including graduating seniors who work after the last day of finals) and students working under grant-funded or endowed projects.  To have an employment letter prepared, an “Authorization for Letter of Employment” form must be submitted online to the Office of Human Resources prior to the beginning of employment.  (The form is located in Exchange under HR Forms).  Please make sure all information submitted on the request form is accurate.  After the initial employment letter has been prepared, changes will not be permitted.

Reviewed & Approved:   By Cabinet April, 2009