The Intellectual dimension of wellness focuses on stimulating your mind through activities that are mentally challenging and nurture a sense of being internally energized. It encourages continued learning, the ability to grow from experience, especially through problem solving and decision making, and creative pursuits.

Intellectual Wellness Offerings

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2018 Campus Health Fair October 25th

Ellis Ballroom


Open to Students, Faculty, Staff and the Community!
J.C. Blair Prenatal Classes Ongoing Maternity Classroom @ J.C. Blair Hospital HERE is a  list of class times/dates.  Call (814) 643-8839 for more information

Breastfeeding Support Group

2nd Wednesday of the month 6 p.m. Maternity Classroom of JC Blair (3rd Floor) HERE is a list of class times/dates.  Contact Marissa Fouse at 643-8839 for more information

Diabetes Self-Management Classes

Ongoing J.C. Blair Hospital HERE is a list of class times/dates.  For more information, please call 643-8537.

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