Wellness Committee Grant

The purpose of the Wellness Committee grant is to aid individuals or teams with registration fees associated with participation in a Wellness related event, conference, or training, where the skills gained, or participation in the event will support the committee’s mission of:


  • Encouraging habits of wellness
  • Increasing awareness of factors and resources contributing to well-being
  • Inspiring and empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own health
  • Supporting a sense of community

Grants can be used for individuals or teams to defray the cost of registration fees (walking or running events) or training/certifications(ex. Zumba instructor).

Applications should be submitted in advance of the event in order to allow the committee time to review the request. The committee must approve the grant prior to your registration for the event being submitted. If approved, the committee will grant 75% of the registration fee, up to a personal cap of $250 per employee/per fiscal year. Juniata students are eligible for funding when participating on Juniata associated faculty/staff teams. Grants will be awarded until funds have been exhausted. Once approved, payment will be made directly to the entity organizing or sponsoring the event.

Please review the policy/application for additional information.

Application for Wellness Committee Grant