In consultation with their advisors, students may elect to take up to 16 credits during their academic career at Juniata College on a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) basis, with a limit of 4 credits per term. Only one course, not exceeding 4 credits, may be in the student’s Program of Emphasis, and only one course, not exceeding 4 credits, may be in the student's general education requirements.

Students need to declare their intent for P/NP by the end of the Drop/Add period for that term. A student wishing to elect the P/NP option after this deadline may petition the Student Academic Development Committee (SAD) to request an exception.

(UPDATED on 10/20/20)

At their meeting on 10/19/20, SAD voted on two adjustments to the standard P/NP policy that apply to Fall Semester 2020. These adjustments, as detailed below, are considered to be petitions to SAD that are automatically pre-approved by the Committee. Any other adjustments to the P/NP policy must be presented to SAD as actual petitions.

  1. P/NP forms can be submitted to the Registrar's Office using the link below until 12:00 noon (EST) on November 24, 2020.
  2. Students may use the P/NP option for up to two Fall Semester 2020 courses. One of those courses will count towards the student's various P/NP limits as outlined in the first paragraph above; the other course will not.

  1. Department chairpersons can choose courses within their departments that cannot be taken P/NP. See the course list below.
  2. Courses taken P/NP count towards fulfilling Program of Emphasis (POE) or general education requirements, as long as the the student obtains a passing grade in the course.
  3. Students in certain academic programs (such as Education, Health Professions, Social Work) should consult with their academic advisors before making their P/NP decisions. Some accrediting organizations may not accept P/NP grades.
  4. Instructors assign grades without knowing if a student has chosen P/NP.
  5. Any grade above an 'F' will be converted by the Registrar's Office to a 'P' on the student's transcript; an 'F' grade will be converted to 'NP.' These conversions will occur after grades are posted to a student's grade report at the end of the semester.
  6. P/NP grades are not used in calculating a student's term or cumulative GPA. Courses taken P/NP do not count toward the 12-credit minimum needed for a student to be eligible for Dean's List in any given semester.
  7. After a P/NP grade is elected by a student, they are permitted to convert it back to a letter grade prior to their graduation from Juniata College. Students do not need to appeal to SAD in order to do so. Students cannot retroactively shift from a letter grade to P/NP.

 Courses NOT permitted to be taken Pass/No Pass:

AR-315 Women in Art
AR-318 American Art
AR-329 Early Modern Art
AR-330 Modern/Contemporary Art
AR-451, 452, 453, or 454 Capstone in Art
AR-455 or 457 Senior Thesis in Art History
AR-480 Museum Practicum I
AR-481 Museum Practicum II
AR-495 Art Research Seminar
BI-301 General Ecology
BI-305 Biostatistics
BI-380 Biology Research Methods
BI-489 Biology Research
BI-499 Biology Senior Thesis
CH-492 Chemistry Senior Writing Seminar
CH-493 Chemistry Senior Thesis
CM-200 Art of Public Speaking
CM-230 Interpersonal Communication
CS-480 Computer Science Seminar I
CS-481 Computer Science Seminar II
CS-485 Computer Science Research
ED - Any pre-student teaching or student teaching course
FYC-101 First-Year Composition
FYF-101 First-Year Foundations
FYF-105 First-Year Foundations: Transfer Students
FYS-102 First-Year Seminar
HS-293 Sophomore Colloquium
HS-493 Historian's Craft
IC-275 Project Management
IM-490 IMA Internship
IM-495 IMA Internship Seminar
IM-497 IMA Research
IT 307 Project Management
IT-308, 380, 480 Innovations for Industry
IT-496 IT Seminar
IT-497 IT Research
MA-210 Foundations of Mathematics
MA-480 Mathematics Seminar
MA-485 Mathematics Research
PACS-455 Honors Thesis
PC-300 Modern Physics Lab
PC-307 Advanced Physics Lab
PS-155 Lobbying
PS-190 Mock Trial
PS-230 A,B,C,D,E Washington Center courses
PS-249 Senegambia I
PS-250 Senegambia II
PS-349 Senegambia III
PS-490 Internships
PS-491 Washington Internship
PS-492 Harrisburg Internship
PS-495 Internship Seminar
PS-497 Honors Research I
PS-498 Honors Research II
PS-499 Senior Seminar
PS-INS Independent Study
PY-360 Research Methods & Statistics I
PY-361 Research Methods & Statistics II
PY-415 Capstone in Psychology
TH-180/181/280/281/380/381 Theatre Arts Practicum