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2019 Summer Undergraduate Online Courses

Course descriptions are available on the Course Scheduling Assistant


Course  Credits Designation Start Date End Date Drop Date
Digital Photography
**This course has an additional $200 fee**
F TBD TBD TBD Gordon Stillman
Infectious Disease and Society
3 CA TBD TBD TBD Andrew Fletcher
CH-199-OL ST: Biochemistry of Cooking 3 N 6/10/19 8/9/19 6/13/19 Lisa Gentile
C++ Programming
2 N 6/10/19 8/9/19 6/13/19 Loren Rhodes
EB-105-OL International Economic Issues 3 S, I TBD TBD TBD Brad Andrew
Financial Accounting
3 S TBD TBD TBD Dom Peruso
Business Statistics
3 S, QS TBD TBD TBD Brad Andrew
Marketing Management
Global Climate Change
3 IC 5/20/19 6/11/19 5/23/19 Dennis Plane and Matt Powell
Principals of IT
3 N TBD TBD TBD John Wright
Introduction to American Government
(**Asynchronous course)
4 S Anytime after
7/19/19 Prior to completing 7% of course content.  This will be outlined in Moodle. Dennis Plane
The Culture War
3 CA, S 5/20/19 6/17/19 5/23/19 Dennis Plane
Moral Judgement
3 S 6/10/19 7/5/19 6/13/19 Phil Dunwoody
Cognitive Psychology
3 S 5/20/19 6/14/19 5/23/19 Phil Dunwoody
Introduction to Sociology
3 S 6/10/19 6/13/19 8/4/19 Jacoba Rock

Our course list is still growing!! The final list will be posted February 1, 2019, be sure to check back! 

 **An asynchronous course does not have specified due dates for assignments and/or meeting times.  All other courses have specified due dates for work completion and may also have specific online meeting times. 

It is the student's responsibility to be attentive to the course syllabus and successfully complete the course materials prior to the end date.  Any concerns should be communicated to the faculty instructor as soon as possible. 

COURSE DROP:  Students may drop the course up until the dates specified above.  Drop deadlines vary by course due to the variable start and end dates for summer courses.

COURSE WITHDRAWAL:  Students may withdraw from the course from the day after the drop date (above) until the withdrawal deadline that is specified in the course syllabus.  NOTE: each course's withdrawal deadline varies, check the syllabus Students must email the faculty instructor and Registrar ( to withdraw from the course.  The course withdrawal will be noted on the student's transcript with a W, and the W is not included in the cumulative GPA.  Lack of participation/log on is not considered course withdrawal and will result in a final grade of F.


  • Cost per credit will be determined by January 30, 2019.
  • Financial Aid may be available to students based on certain criteria.  Please contact the Financial Planning office at, (814) 641-3142 or 1-877-JUNIATA.

Work Load: What to Expect

The following equation will help you determine the hourly amount of time that will be required for your online course:
(15 weeks per semester * number of credits * 1 in class hour) + (15 weeks per semester * 2 out of class hours * number of credits) = semester long time commitment

For a 3-credit class, this equation would equal 135 hours commitment.

For condensed courses (courses offered in less than 15 weeks), take the total of the equation above and divide by the number of days you have to complete the work.