Advisors serve as a guide in the process of choosing classes, designing POEs, connecting with high-impact learning opportunities (such as internships and study abroad), and preparing for a fulfilling and successful career. All Juniata students benefit from two academic advisors -- one in the Program of Emphasis (POE) department and another who focuses more on general education requirements and providing general advising support.

Advisor Assignment and Selection

Students are assigned a POE Advisor when they enroll at Juniata, but have the opportunity to switch advisors at any time if they change POEs or make a connection with a different advisor. Students who have not yet decided on their POE are assigned an advisor with expertise in working with exploratory students.

During their second semester, students will select their General Advisor.

To select or change advisors, complete the Advisor Selection Form and submit it to the Registrar's Office, located on the second floor of Founders Hall.

Academic Planning Worksheets

These worksheets are tools for students and advisors to use to track a student's progress in meeting graduation requirements and planning a student's academic career.

Resources for Academic Advisors

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