Public Safety has developed the following procedures:

  • We support card access only from 6PM until midnight.  This is contingent upon  installation of the card access locking system. In the meantime, Founders would be open until midnight for anyone and Public Safety will make periodic patrols between 6PM  and midnight.
  • The ground floor area(i.e. Development) needs to be secured at 5PM. This area will need to be secured by locking the interior hallway doors.  The exits need to be accessible in case of fire.
  • We need to make sure the elevator does not go to the basement and open after 5PM.  The receptionist area is out in the open and unable to be secured.
  • Everyone is responsible for securing their own workspace(i.e. offices).  At midnight, Public Safety will clear buildings and make sure the exterior doors are secured.   On the weekends  Public Safety will do the security check of all doors (there are no custodians in the buildings). We recommend student access from 1PM until Midnight on Saturdays and Sundays.

Public Safety developed the following for immediate implementation:

  • We will ask for the cooperation of the custodial staff in opening and securing of buildings.