Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments reads as follows: "No person in the United States shall on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."

Juniata College does not and cannot treat students inequitably on the basis of sex. The regulation specifically lists the following categories in which discrimination on the basis of sex in student matters is prohibited:

  • Determining eligibility for admission to the college.
  • Establishing housing regulations, services, and facilities.
  • Determining access to course offerings and academic programs.
  • Applying standards and norms in career counseling and placement services.
  • Establishing financial need and awarding financial assistance and merit scholarships.
  • Determining accessibility to on-campus student employment.
  • Determining the scope and nature of health and insurance benefits and services.
  • Determining eligibility to participate in any extracurricular organization or activity.
  • Determining the institutional commitment to the provision of athletic competition, services, equipment, coaching, expenses, and facilities.

The Title IX Coordinator at Juniata College is the Dean of Students, whose office is located in Founders Hall, phone 814-641-3150. There is an established grievance procedure which can be obtained by contacting the Dean of Students.

Any student who feels that he or she has been treated inequitably on the basis of sex is encouraged to bring the matter to the Dean of Student’s attention for redress and possible further action.