What to Expect?

First, choose your POE. Juniata offers POEs in French, German, Russian, and Spanish/ Hispanic cultures. At Juniata, learning the culture, literature, and history of countries where Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish are spoken is just as important as learning the language. So go ahead: explore the world. Learning languages and their related cultures as well as studying abroad will expand your global understanding and your opportunities after college.

If you’re interested in a POE outside of the world languages and cultures department, you can pursue a secondary emphasis in any language or earn two degrees thanks to Juniata’s cooperative dual-degree programs with partner institutions in France and Germany. German offerings have recently expanded at Juniata, with students enjoying internships in three German cities and taking part in an intensive German summer program in Vienna, Austria. Juniata also offers K-12 teaching certification in French, German, and Spanish. These are just a few of the reasons that Juniata’s international programs have recently been honored by NAFSA: the National Association of International Educators.

Regardless of which language(s) you study, fluency in a second language is an immensely marketable skill in the increasingly global economy. In other words, you’ll thrive while traveling or pursuing an international career. But don’t just take our word for it.

Before you Begin

Apply for the Eagles Abroad International Scholarship and take the World Languages Skills Assessment to be placed at the appropriate language level for the fall semester.

"Learning a second language shows that you have more than just practical skills, but are also adaptable, socially aware, and willing to try new things. When I studied abroad in Münster, Germany, I made friends from Thailand, Lubya, Columbia, and Switzerland. The experience was great."

-Heather Wetzel '15 

If you'd like to study a new language...

  • WL 110
  • WL 120

If you plan to build on what you already know...

  • WL 210
  • Conversation and Composition

For both...

  • Converse with native speakers at weekly conversation tables
  • Get involved in World Language clubs for French, German, Russian, and Spanish
  • Study abroad post-freshman year in France, Germany, Mexico, or Russia

Sophomore and Junior Year

Strengthen your expertise in world languages and cultures with a variety of courses and experiences that span the globe and centuries:

  • World Language literature courses
  • Civilization and culture courses
  • Advanced language courses
  • Cultural analysis courses
  • International film courses
  • Semester and junior year study abroad
  • Internships
  • Qualify for the Education Department's certification program
  • Begin to think about senior projects for graduation with distinction!

Senior Year

  • Advanced language, literature, and culture courses
  • Teacher preparation course and student teaching semester
  • Deliver Language In Motion cultural presentations at local schools
  • Complete senior project for graduation with distinction
  • Earn a dual degree from Juniata and a university abroad

A Sampling of Courses

Art and Activism in Latin America
East European Film
French Cinema
French-English Translation
German Cinema
German Courtly Literature
Hispanic Poetry and Pop Culture
Medicine and Literature
Science Fiction, the Other Side of Europe
Women in French Culture