All of our POEs offer study abroad for at least a semester, if not a full year. These study abroad experiences are often the most transformative and meaningful of our students' liberal arts education.

Study abroad options for World Languages and Cultures students include semester and academic year options in:

France (Lille, Aix-en-Provence) Ecuador (Quito, Pachaysana, Galapagos)
Germany (Marburg, Münster) Mexico (Guanajuato)
Russia (St. Petersburg) Spain (BarcelonaValladolid, Asturias, Sevilla)
China (Shanghai) Taiwan (Hsinchu, Taipei, Shih Chien, Taipei, Shih Hsin)

Juniata also offers intensive summer language programs in France (Lille)and Mexico (Orizaba) which may include international internships. Students with all levels of German proficiency can take advantage of an intensive summer German language program in Münster, Germany.

An immersion experience abroad of at least one semester and preferably one year is a necessary step toward developing advanced proficiency in a second language, particularly for listening and speaking skills. Such experiences are also vital for expanding cultural, pragmatic and sociolinguistic competence.

  • A short-term summer program (followed by an optional internship in some programs), preferably after the freshman year
  • A semester program in the junior year for students with French, German, Russian or Spanish/Hispanic Cultures POEs – A full academic year abroad is strongly advised.
  • A junior year abroad for students with French, German or Spanish Education POEs
  • Study abroad during the senior year is only recommended when the circumstances of a particular student’s POE require it. In no case are students advised to spend their final semester abroad. The timing of study abroad should build on work done before departure and have a transformative effect on work done after a student returns. This is done for the benefit of the individual students as well as other students on campus.

A wide variety of POE course requirements may be met at approved university programs abroad, among them:

  • Literature courses (200/300/400 level)
  • Civilization, culture and history courses (200/300/400 level)
  • Phonetics courses (200/300 level)
  • Upper level electives on topics in the target language and/or culture (300/400 level)

Students pursuing K-12 teaching certification are required to take ED/WL 398 Methods for Foreign Language Education at Juniata in accordance with requirements set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Students are encouraged to choose a topic for a senior project prior to departure for the junior year abroad. While students frequently change topics during the course of the junior year, the objective is to encourage students to think about what information and experiences they should be looking for while they are abroad. All students returning from study abroad are required to take a 300 or 400 level course in the target language.

Year 1

  • Live on the Intercultural Floor of the Global Village
  • Study at a summer intensive language site (Vienna, Austria; Laval, Canada; Muenster, Germany; Orizaba, Mexico; St. Petersburg, Russia)

Year 2

  • Live in a Global Village language residence

Year 3

  • Study abroad in France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Ecuador, Taiwan, or China

Year 4

  • Be a Programming Coordinator in a Global Village language residence
  • Apply for a Fulbright at your target language site