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From cultural events to undergraduate research to student organizations, Juniata's vast cultural programming provides endless opportunities for World Languages students. Guest speakers give informative talks on multicultural and multinational issues. A multitude of clubs host events for respective languages and cultures. The Global Village, a group of living and learning housing options, provides opportunities for students to experience a target language and culture of choice through immersion, and also experience those of the other floors in the Village.


Take advantage of extensive opportunities in international internships. Students have interned at international locations during the summer and throughout the academic year. Below are some examples:

Juniata Study Abroad Scholarships

Check out this list to see the campus-provided scholarships available for study abroad!

Language in Motion

Language in Motion is an innovative, community-engaged learning program. Juniata students with international experiences and/or second language proficiency give presentations on languages and cultures in K-12 classes. The program is coordinated by Dr. Deb Roney and is also supported by faculty in the Department of World Languages and Cultures and by the Center for International Education. 

Conversation Partners

In the Conversation Partner Program, international students and American students are paired up for casual conversation and gatherings. Partners meet as often as they can to learn about other cultures and languages, participate in group activities like midnight canoeing, bowling, and international food night, as well as just to laugh, talk, share, relax…and much more!

World Cultures Clubs

Here is a list of world culture clubs currently on campus. They host cultural events, featuring things like holiday celebrations, games, food, and performances.

  • Chinese Club
  • French Club
  • German Club
  • Japanese Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Russian Club
  • Korean Club
  • Sign Language Club
  • South Asian Club
  • Vietnamese Club
  • Burmese Club
  • Ubuntu African Club
  • Umoja
  • International Cooking Club

Language Tables

There are a number of language tables that meet regularly to provide a space for students to practice conversing in a target language outside of the class room, share cultural information, and get to know other students and speakers of the language. Here's a list:

  • French Table
  • Mesa Hispánica / Spanish Table

Spanish Club

Spanish Club provides an environment where "aficionados" of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures are able to assemble and pursue common interests. The Club plans special activities aimed at expanding our knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world, while also sponsoring activities aimed at raising cultural awareness among the members of the Juniata College community. Activities include: Fiesta Latina, a Hispanic video series, field trips to cultural events in cities such as New York City, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, fundraisers for an elementary school in Guatemala, salsa and merengue dance lessons, guest lectures on topics related to the Hispanic world, and Immersion Day in the fall.

Spanish Immersion Day

(Día de Inmersión): Immersion Day is an event in which students gather at Patrick Lodge, a beautiful cabin owned by the college located about half an hour from campus, on a Saturday in October or early November to speak only Spanish while engaging in a series of fun activities. Current students at all proficiency levels, Hispanic international students, and Juniata Spanish alums take part in activities which range from ice breakers and games, singing, dancing, preparing and devouring a Hispanic meal and watching a Hispanic film. There is also free time built in to explore the rustic wooded property or to organize a rousing soccer match.

German Picnic

Once a semester, students of German, faculty and German-speaking international students are invited to gather at Patrick Lodge to enjoy a day of German conversation and delicious food. accommodations are made for those of introductory levels and students with an already advanced level of German are given the opportunity to hone their skills in an immersive atmosphere, while at the same time relaxing and enjoying some of the scenic beauty of rural Pennsylvania. A highlight of the picnic is always Professor Klaus Jaeger's famous Bauernbrot.

French Club

The French Club is primarily an academic club for students studying French language and culture. The club seeks to promote a greater understanding of and appreciation for French history and the regions of the world where French is spoken.

Quebec Trip

Every year, Dr. Michael Henderson and twelve students of French take an excursion to the city of Quebec to experience French-Canadian language, culture, and cuisine. Here's a video for more information.