Fulbright Recipients


Andy Meci
(2019 – research)


Dennis Wilt
(2018 – Austria)

Nikea Ulrich
(2017 – Germany, research with the Institute of Space Medicine at the German Aerospace Center in Cologne)

Neal Donovan
(2016 – Germany, teaching English in Schleswig-Holstein)

Erin Netoskie
(2016 – Austria, research)

Erin McClure
(2013 – Austria)


Ashlynn Cobb
(2017 – Russia, English language instructor)

Alex Bernosky

Molly Adler


Sam Wherley
(2019 – Spain)

Annaleigh Baremore
(2019 – Colombia)

Anna Oldenbrook
(2018 & 2019 – Colombia)

Emily Kutz
(2018 – Spain)

Emily Parker
(2018 – Colombia)

Mackenzie Coulter-Kern
(2015 – Mexico)

Alyssa Grube
(2014 – Chile, research)

Student Outcomes

Malino DeFay '19
An Eagles Abroad Scholar in Spanish, Malino completed a POE in Spanish/Hispanic Cultures and is pursuing a Doctor of Optometry degree at Salus University.

Sam Wherley '19
After graduating with distinction with a POE in International Politics and Spanish/Hispanic Cultures, Sam was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Fellowship in Spain at the Segovia campus of IE University.

Anna Oldenbrook '18
Anna was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Fellowship for two consecutive years in Colombia (Medellín and Bucaramanga).

Emily Kutz '18
An Eagles Abroad Scholar in Spanish, Emily graduated with dual certification in Early Childhood and K-12 Spanish Education.  She was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Fellowship in Madrid, Spain, and currently is employed as an elementary teacher at the American School of Madrid. 

Jilenny Guzmán '18
Upon her graduation Jilenny received three tenure-track job offers in New York City to teach Spanish in either charter or public schools. She accepted a teaching position at her alma mater in Bronx, NY.

Roberto Toro '18
After having graduated with a POE in International Business and Russian, Roberto is now employed as an English teacher at English First in Beijing.

Thiri Theresa Oo '18
An International Business POE with a secondary emphasis in Chinese Studies, Theresa is currently working as a general manager at NY SEA Shipping company.

Danielle Ebeling '17
An International Studies POE with a secondary emphasis in Chinese Studies, Danielle is now teaching Chinese at Bishop Guilfoyle School in Altoona, PA. She completed her graduate studies in International Politics at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China.

Elizabeth Fuhrman '17
An Eagles Abroad Scholar in Spanish and dual POE in Environmental Science and Spanish. Elizabeth worked post-graduation as a research assistant in Florida and on Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea, Africa.  She is enrolled in a master´s program in conservation biology at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, in which she will do field work in the Galapagos Islands to complete a master’s thesis on the population restoration efforts of Galapagos tortoises.

Isabelle Wojciechowski '17
An International and Environmental Studies POE with a secondary emphasis in Chinese and Economics, Isabelle is currently studying Chinese at the National Defense Language Institute to prepare herself to be a Chinese Language Analyst in the United States Air Force.

Katie Jeffress '17
After spending a year teaching English and doing research on sea turtles in Mexico following graduation, Katie is now pursuing a law degree in environmental law at The University of Texas at Austin.  Following her first year of law school, Katie worked as the only Spanish-speaking associate in a firm’s environmental practice in Austin, and she plans to spend a semester studying in Mexico City during her third year of law school.

Roni Laub '17
Post-graduation with a POE in International Studies and French, is now employed as an English teacher at English First in Beijing. She is currently applying to a position with the Peace Corps in China.

Sarah Rudnik '17
An Eagles Abroad Scholar in Spanish, Sarah spent two years teaching Spanish in a tenure-track position at a charter school in Southern California.  She ultimately decided to return to Pennsylvania to accept another tenure-track position in Spanish in the Juniata Valley School District in 2019.

Veronica Laub '17
Awarded a French English Language Teaching Assistantship upon graduation, Veronica is currently completing her second year of teaching in a French middle school near Lyon.

Cody Cooper '16
A Politics POE with a secondary emphasis in Chinese Studies and Economics, Cody is currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Myanmar.

Erin Netoskie '16
Erin received a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in Vienna, Austria.

Ezra Halstead '15
Ezra is pursuing his master’s degree at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

Alyssa Grube '14
An Eagles Abroad Scholar in Spanish at Juniata, Alyssa was awarded a Fulbright Research Fellowship in Santiago, Chile, where she worked in a bioengineering lab to probe the biodegradative capacity of bacteria in biofilms from streams in fracked watersheds.  She is pursuing a Ph.D. in the Department of Environmental Science & Engineering at the University of North Carolina, where her dissertation work relates to point-of-use water quality and antibiotic resistance on San Crístobal, one of the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador.  

Amanda Waller '14
Amanda studied French at Juniata and is currently attends Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.

Curtis Sherwood '14
Curtis is serving in the Peace Corps as an Agricultural Extension Volunteer in the Gambia.

Joel Slaff '14
Joel is working as a translation coordinator at ICON Pharmaceuticals in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Mackenzie Coulter-Kern '14
Awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Fellowship in Aguascalientes, Mexico following graduation, Mackenzie has completed an M.A. and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics at Indiana University.  Prior to starting the Ph.D. program, Mackenzie spent the 2018-19 academic year in Seville, where she taught English at a university and conducted research on the intersection between language and identity in elementary students who study in bilingual programs and college students during study abroad exchanges.

Alyssa Fazi '13
A Biochemistry POE with a secondary emphasis in Spanish, Alyssa is now enrolled in medical school at West Virginia University.

Clay Cooper '13
An Eagles Abroad Scholar in Spanish at Juniata, Clay completed an M.D. and an M.B.A. at Penn State University, and he is currently completing a family medicine residency at Duke University, where he uses Spanish on a daily basis to interact with patients. 

Nathan Wilson '13
Nathan is completing a Ph.D. in plant biology at North Carolina State University.  During the summer of 2019, he led a week of hands-on laboratory experiments in Spanish at the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín in Arequipa, Peru, where his Ph.D. advisor was coordinating a bioinformatics workshop.

Mike Thompson-Brusstar '12
After graduation from Juniata with a POE in International Politics, Mike was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Taiwan for the 2012-2013 academic year. He returned to the United States to pursue a master's degree in Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan, where he was a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellow. After graduation, Mike worked for the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan as a program associate before being admitted to the department of Political Science as a Ph.D. student, where he now studies the development of the PRC legal system.