Internships are available to qualified students in all departmental Programs of Emphasis in a variety of settings related to the student's course of study. Social Work students engage in experiential learning in a series of required, supervised field experiences that are tailored to the student's interests, beginning in the sophomore year and culminating in the full-time Professional Semester in the senior year.

Places of Internships and or Research Experiences

  • JC Blair Hospital Social Services Dept. - Huntingdon PA (Social Work)

  • Huntingdon Area School District Office of Prevention Specialist (Sociology)

  • Community Health Services, Options Partial Hospitalization Program - Lewistown PA (Sociology)

  • Youth Forestry Camp #3 - PA ( Social Work)

Study Abroad

The department encourages and supports students in their effort to study abroad with careful consultation with advisors. Students can complete any department POE within four years while having the opportunity to study in many different programs all over the world.