Social Work Yearly Assessment Outcomes

Student Outcomes

Megan Barber ’16 is pursuing a master’s degree in social work at Marywood University.

Brendan Cohn ’14 is employed as a community service liaison at the Prince William County, Virginia, Police Department.

Catherine Friant ’15 is employed at Allegany Reproductive Health Center.

Olivia Halfpenny ’17 was hired as a social worker at Northwest Human Services in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, thanks in part to her B.S.W. credential from Juniata. 

Heather Marra ’17 has been accepted to the PULSE program, an organization dedicated to improving Pittsburgh by working with the next generation of servant leaders. 

Erica McCauley ’17 and Laura Bickel ’17 are pursuing Master of Social Work degrees with advanced standing at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Leo Scalia ’14 is currently employed at Mainstream Counseling where he runs an anger management group.

Laura Whitman ’14 is a bachelor of social work (B.S.W.) graduate serving with the Brethren Volunteers.

All Alumni Outcomes

Adrienne Foster '07 has been accepted into the Master's Programme in the School of Anthropology at the University of Sussex, UK.

Jamie McFadden '07 applies her POE in Zoology and Anthropology to an Interpretive Intern position at Glacier National Park.

Jenna Weber '06 is the Admissions Coordinator and Case Manager with Catholic Charities Independent Living Program in NJ

Heather Hassel '06 is studying Physical Anthropology (Primatology) at SUNY Stoneybrook. Her planned dissertation fieldwork is a continuation of her NCUR research on the genetics of pair-bonded siamangs. Her fieldwork will take her to Thailand.

Karin Brown '06 is currently living in Jerusalem and is planning to apply to Notre Dame University. She has been working with a group of Palestinian artisans and has been keeping fieldnotes.

Stephanie Waslyk '05 is a social worker and resource coordinator working with developmentally disabled adults in Carlsbad, CA

Emily Blejwas '05 is a resource coordinator with the Association of Retarded Citizens working with families of developmentally disabled children in Middlesex County, NJ

Jessica Antonik '05 is from the US but decided she wanted to work in Europe for a while; is employed as a social worker for the Borough of Hounslow, England

Alcione Frederick '05 is currently working on her Master's degree at Washington State University studying in a joint development anthropology/Peace Corps program. She will be leaving for a two-year assignment in Senegal in March 2007

Joseph Viscomi '04 -- After being taken with the Arabic language during his year abroad in Jordan, Joe is currently completing his Master's degree in Anthropology at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Diane Yutzy '03 -- Director of Social Services of an extended care facility in central PA

Bethany Kyper '02 -- MSW* from Temple University, LSW; Director of Social Services at community hospital in central PA

Micah Morton '02 completed his Master's degree in Anthropology* at the University of Hawai'i. His thesis dealt with the environmental practices of Buddhist monks at a monastery in Thailand. He is currently working on his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin. His fieldwork is both in Thailand and Burma.

Diana Goodley '01 did one year with Americorps/VISTA after graduation; since then has been a case worker with Big Brothers/Big Sisters; is working on MA in Education/Secondary School Counseling at West Chester University

Leslie Slingsby '01 - MSW* from University of Michigan; LSW; Director of Victims Services at Network of Victim Assistance in southeastern PA

Emily McCave '01 - MSW* Washington University, St. Louis; then worked in children's mental health; currently in a social welfare PhD program at U of Kansas on student assistantship with primary research focusing on sexual health [i.e., teen pregnancy prevention, sex education, GLBT issues, and HIV prevention.

Rebecca Wilson '01 is completing her Ph.D. in Biological (Forensic) Anthropology at the University of Tennessee. She is currently Director of the Forensics Anthropology Center at "The Body Farm."

Connie Aumiller '00 - employed by Area Agency on Aging of Mifflin County as a case manager and adult protective services specialist

Kari Fox Harding '99 - employed as a Supports Coordinator of a Case Management Unit in Dauphin County, PA; is working on MSW in mental health management planning at Temple University

Erin Black '99 - Masters of Social Service* degree from Bryn Mawr; LSW; currently a social worker in Philadelphia prison system

Kelly States '97 - MSW* from Ohio State University in 1998; LSW; currently a mental health therapist in central PA

Assessment of Student Outcomes 2013

LSW = Licensed Social Worker in PA
* = denotes advanced standing in graduate program