Medical Care Plan

The College provides a PPO plan with Highmark to eligible employees with the following features:

  • Benefits will be paid at a higher level when a participating physician and/or facility rather than at a non-participating provider who renders services.
  • Participating Provider (for a list of providers please click on the link above.)

  • 100% after $150 Individual/$300 Family deductible.   Co-pays do not apply to the deductible.  i.e. Office Visits $20, Urgent Care $30, Emergency Room $100, etc.
  • Non-Participating Provider
    Subject to deductible of $600 for an individual or $1200 for family. Then benefits are paid at 80% until the out-of-pocket maximum is met. The out-of-pocket maximum is $4,000 an individual or $8,000 for family. Payment is based upon Usual Customary and Reasonable (UCR) allowances.
  • Prescription Drug Program
    Offered for a co-payment of $15 for a generic drug, 10% of the cost of the drug with a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $100 for a preferred brand drug and 10 % of the cost of the drug with a minimum of $45 and a maximum of $100 for a non-preferred brand drug. There is a $50 annual deductible for each covered family member.
  • There is also a mail in prescription program offered for medications you take on a regular, long-term basis. You will receive up to a 90 day supply at a reduced rate.
  • The plan requires pre-certification 15 days prior to inpatient admission. More information is available here.

A 10% contribution by the employee is required for single coverage. For persons electing dependent coverage, the employee will contribute 20% of the monthly dependent premium. These premiums can be contributed on a pre-tax basis through a Section 125 Premium Conversion Plan. The monthly premium paid by the employee for single coverage is $63.74, two-person coverage is $231.00, family coverage is $288.40.

Employees who choose to waive health plan participation can receive a $750 annual incentive upon receipt of proof of other non-Juniata health plan coverage. The incentive will be paid through payroll (taxed).