A Managed Care Vision Program is provided to all eligible employees through Vision Benefits of America (VBA). Prior to obtaining service, the employee must call (800)432-4966 to order a claim form which should be taken to the appointment.

The plan provides for a vision screening and frames/lenses every 24 months for adults over age 19. For dependents under age 19, the plan covers a vision screening and lenses every 12 months, and frames every 24 months. If contacts are selected, Vision Benefits will make their payment towards the contacts in lieu of any other benefits. 

Most services through a participating provider are covered at 100%. Services through a non-participating provider are eligible for a limited reimbursement amount based on the service performed.

The plan includes an allowance for Lasik eye surgery, if the surgery is performed by an approved surgery center.

There is no cost for employee coverage. Any number of dependents can be added to the plan for $2.04/mo. Payment for dependent coverage is made through pre-tax payroll deduction.