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Step Up to the Challenge
Susquehanna University has challenged Juniata College faculty and staff to a fun fitness
challenge for the month of April. Bragging rights are at stake!
Starting April 1, participants will step up to the challenge and will log
their steps each week and report them to Andrea Smith in Human Resources each Friday during the month of April.

After the weekly steps have been tallied by HR, the number of Juniata participants and steps will
be shared with Susquehanna University each Monday (starting 4/11).
Since the number of participants at each school will vary, we will divide the total steps by the number of participants to get an average each week.

Submit your weekly steps via email to smitha@juniata.edu no later than 5 p.m. each Friday
beginning on Friday, April 8. Put the word “challenge” in the subject line and list your name and
total steps for the week.

The American Heart Association suggests a goal of 10,000 steps per day!There are several ways you can track your steps:

You can also count the steps in the activities you do other than walking.
HERE is a step conversion chart
HERE is a list of activities and how many steps you can count for each.
The school with the most average steps will have the bragging rights
of winning the challenge.

Let’s see how many people Step Up to the Challenge!