I. The “Big Five” Senior Awards

Athletes of the Year

  • The Stanford Mickle Athletic Award (1947) recognizes a male graduate who, like Stanford Mickle (Juniata student from 1940-42), loved athletics, participated in and manifested a wholesome interest in sports, and contributed to the promotion of athletics at Juniata.  A loving cup is presented annually by the varsity J-Club, and names of the recipients are engraved on a plaque presented to the college by Stanford’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mickle of New Paris, Pa.  The award is presented annually to a graduating senior who best meets the qualities set forth in the statement of purpose.  In making their selection, the committee considers the person who has been: outstanding in collegiate athletic competition; and/or outstanding in intramural competition; and or outstanding in the administration of athletics, while attending Juniata College.
  • The Charles Bargerstock Athletic Award (1977) is a memorial to Charles Bargerstock ’47, Juniata’s Director of Development from 1957 to 1962.  It recognizes a woman in the graduating class who has demonstrated a love for athletics, participated in and manifested a healthy interest in sports, and contributed to the well-being of the College.  A loving cup, provided by the Bargerstock Memorial Fund, is presented to a recipient whose name is also engraved on a plaque provided by the late Mr. Bargerstock’s family.
  • The Mickle/Bargerstock athlete of the year awards are based primarily on athletic ability.  The grade point average of the individual need only meet institutional eligibility standards.
  • Mickle/Bargerstock awardees must have senior standing.  They may be either highly versatile as a multi-sport athlete or demonstrate excellence in one sport.
  • The Mickel/Bargerstock awardees MUST:
    • be a steady, consistent athlete;
    • demonstrate a love for athletics;
    • be outstanding at what he/she does (position or event);
    • display good sportsmanship
    • have high personal motivation and drive;
    • Maintain an attitude and character that well represents the ideals of the athletics program at Juniata College.
  • The Mickle/Bargerstock Athletes of the Year may be:
    •  school, conference, regional or national record holders;
    •  an individual competitor or team member who is a qualifier, top finisher or champion in a prestigious tournament, conference, regional or national championship;
    •  recipients of special awards, such as MVP, All-conference, etc.
  • Procedure:  Each head coach (or a designated representative) will submit nominations based on the above criteria, including statistics and any other relevant information.  A selection committee composed of the athletic director; head coaches and the SID will screen candidates and make a final decision.

Blood Award

  • The John E. Blood Memorial Award was established in 1966 by the relatives and friends of John E. Blood, Food Service Manager at Juniata College from 1963-1965.  Mr. Blood resigned his position in December 1965 and died of cancer in March, 1966.  He was an ardent supporter of Juniata College Athletics and served for a season as assistant baseball coach under Fred Prender.  His love for athletics is hoped to be perpetuated in recipients of this award, which is given annually to an outstanding senior athlete who has earned at least four varsity letter and who has earned the highest grade point average.
  • The Blood Award is given to a student who demonstrates excellence both athletically and academically.
  • The award is conferred upon the best senior athlete with the highest GPA who has received four or more varsity letters at Juniata.
  • Procedure: the GPAs of student-athletes will be obtained from the office of the registrar.  The GPA will reflect grades up to and including the fall semester prior to the awards convocation.
  • A committee of coaches will select the most qualified recipient.

Carolyn Stambaugh Award

  • The Carolyn Stambaugh Award was endowed by family and friends of Carolyn L. Stambaugh, an outstanding volleyball player and popular student leader who was killed in a tragic automobile accident just after beginning her senior year at Juniata in 1986.
  • Presented to a Senior Woman Student Athlete with strong academic, athletic, and campus involvements credentials.
  • Recipient must exemplify the qualities for which Carolyn was known, particularly her winning attitude, her self confidence, her warm caring concern for others, her high sense of values, and her enthusiasm for life.
  • Selection of the Stambaugh Award shall be made by the President of Juniata College in conjunction with the Provost and the Dean of Students.

The William R. Smaltz Award

  • The William R. Smaltz Award is given to a graduating student who has completed the senior year and who, like Coach Smaltz, demonstrates hard work in his or her endeavors. 
  • Nominees for the award are made by the Provost and selected in consultation with the AD and the President. 

II. The Spring Athletic Awards Dessert 

The Athletic Department and Student Athlete Advisory Council will sponsor the Athletic Award Dessert in the spring of each year.  This event is conducted to celebrate the athletic accomplishments of our student-athletes throughout the academic year.  All Juniata varsity teams will be recognized and individual awards will be presented.  Individual awards presented on this occasion may not exceed dollar values as mandated by NCAA regulations.  (Please note that the awards dessert supplements any individually funded team celebrations).

III. Championship Awards

Landmark Conference, Commonwealth Conference and Molten Invitational Champions will be allotted a maximum of $75 per student-athlete to purchase awards of their choice decided upon by the team or by the coach.  Note that this amount must be put towards a purchase and is not a monetary prize.

IV. Giant Photos

Given funding availability, Giant Photos may be arranged in the KSRC at the direction of the Director of Athletics and Coordinator of Awards and Recognition.  One Giant Photo will be for the Academic Award winning team.

V. High Individual Honors display

Plaques for 1st and 2nd team All-America honors and other national type awards of distinction will be placed in the south display case.  COSIDA Academic All America plaques will also be displayed in the south lobby.

VI. Juniata Sports Hall of Fame

The Juniata College Sports Gall of Fame is administered outside of the Athletics Office by the Juniata Alumni Office and the J-Club. 

VII. Retired Numbers and Jerseys

The primary means of recognizing former Juniata Athletes is the Juniata Sports Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame is organized and conducted under the auspices of the college Office of Alumni Affairs.   If there are individuals who for extraordinary circumstances may fall outside the purview of the Juniata Sports Hall of Fame they may be recognized on very rare occasions by retiring and displaying their number in the East lobby of the Kennedy Sports + Recreation Center.   The two different circumstances under which a former athlete may be recognized are:

  • An accomplished individual was forced for unavoidable reasons to terminate their athletic career before establishing credentials that may have allowed their election to the Juniata Sports Hall of Fame.  These alumnae must have achieved on the court or field and/or in the post Juniata lives in such a way as to believe that they would have ultimately achieved hall-of-fame credentials at Juniata. 

  • The individual was an accomplished former student-athlete at Juniata, achieved nationally recognized status in a professional athletics career and devoted the bulk of their lives as members of the Juniata College Athletics Staff.       

Formal nominations for retired number recognition can be made by the head coach of the sport in which the former athlete participated.  After nomination has been submitted to the Director of Athletics, approval must be given by each of three different individuals or groups.

  • Majority vote of the Coaches Leadership Committee (all full-time head coaches at Juniata).
  • President of Juniata College.
  • Juniata College Awards Committee.