Coaches and staff within the Athletic Department have a clear responsibility for the care of Juniata College students. Coaches especially are directly involved in the mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth of students so they must conduct themselves professionally, with the utmost attention to high moral and ethical standards. Coaches and all athletics staff serve as highly visible role models for the entire Juniata College community and it is incumbent upon them to act accordingly.

In light of this responsibility, it is expected that any athletics personnel contact with Juniata College students or recruits be of a professional, mentoring nature. There is a responsibility in the athletics profession to avoid any circumstance or relationship where the line between appropriate and inappropriate student contact becomes unclear. That clear delineation between athletics professional and student must be clear and consistent.

Behavior or action by an athletics coach or staff member that is inappropriate or illegal will be investigated and if substantiated, can result in immediate dismissal.