The integrity of Juniata College Athletics depends on the efforts of the administrators, coaches, and staff that must be personally committed to observing both the letter and spirit of the rules.  Juniata Athletics seeks to ensure success within intercollegiate programs by conscientiously attempting to employ personnel who are qualified, competent and exhibit professional integrity.

  • Juniata College hiring practices include affirmative action guidelines designed to encourage the employment of women and minorities in all athletics programs.
  • The Athletics Department has sought to identify and recruit women candidates for administrative and coaching positions.
  • The institution provides resources and encouragement to permit athletics personnel to participate in professional development programs.
  • Any violation of NCAA rules is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment at Juniata College.
  • In the event of possible or inadvertent NCAA/Landmark/Centennial/EIVA rules violations, appropriate institutional administrators are to be approached immediately for purposes of self reporting.
  • All decisions regarding the admission of prospective student-athletes are made by institutional personnel who are not associated with the athletics program.
  • All decisions regarding the packaging of financial aid for student athletes are made by institutional personnel who are not affiliated with the athletics program.