In an effort to maintain proper institutional control as required by membership in the NCAA, this policy addresses potential vulnerabilities associated with team fundraising and procurement activities. All fundraising and procurement activities by teams or coaches shall be administered in keeping with prudent management and fiscal practices as prescribed by institutional policies and NCAA regulations.

  • Coaches, teams, constituencies and parent organizations are able to raise money to supplement budgeted dollars subject to prior approval of the Director of Development and Director of Athletics. For instance, all non-traditional-season, foreign travel, and southern trip expenses will likely be funded outside of traditional budget lines.
  • Outright solicitation of "dollar" gifts is prohibited without prior approval of the Vice President for College Advancement and Marketing. Such promotional fund raisers as raffles, sales, and food booths can be undertaken with a concurrence as above from the Athletics Director and Director of Development.
  • All money raised must be deposited in a college administered restricted (12) account as described below. Private instruments, funds and accounts used to contain raised athletics dollars are strictly prohibited by college policy and NCAA regulation.
  • Coaches/players selling advertising for use in programs/publications or at game sites is strictly prohibited. No coach or team may obtain advertising funding without clearances from the Vice President for College Advancement and Marketing.
  • We will account for fund raised dollars in the following way:
    • To procure supplies or inventory that will eventually be resold use the (12) fund for the particular sport involved and object code (6134).
    • Then deposit any revenue from fundraisers into the (12) fund for the particular sport involved and object code (4829).
  • If the fundraising activity is utilizing the athletic ability of our student-athletes or participation in the activity is being made mandatory by the head coach, we must be mindful of the NCAA legislation in these areas. To assist in determining the NCAA Amateurism impact of the teams fundraising activity, please see the attached chart (Chart 1) which will help the head coach in following this important NCAA rule. If questions persist, please contact the NCAA Compliance Officer within the department.