Juniata College is committed to the strict adherence of the rules and responsibilities required as an NCAA Division III institution and membership in its various conferences.  Athletic coaches, staff, and student-athletes are expected to abide by NCAA and conference rules and understand that any failure to do so, knowingly or unknowingly, must be reported immediately to the Director of Athletics or Juniata’s NCAA Compliance Officer for review.

Reporting a Violation

  • Notify the Director of Athletics or Compliance Officer within 24 hours if it is felt NCAA or MAC legislation has been violated.  Include: 
    • Times and Dates
    • Names of parties involved
    • Description of the violation
  • The Compliance Officer will conduct an investigation of the alleged violation through personal interview(s) and the clarification of any NCAA conference legislation as necessary.
  • Upon completion of his/her investigation the Compliance Officer will provide The Director of Athletics with written documentation of his/her findings.
  • If a violation is discovered, a self-report of that violation will be sent to the NCAA enforcement staff.
  • If there is no violation found the written findings of the Compliance Officer and The Director of Athletics will be kept on file.