Juniata College athletic teams typically travel to and from intercollegiate contests by charter busses, mini-busses or vans. Distance of travel, size of travel party and financial circumstances will determine the mode of transportation to be used for each contest.  Landmark and Centennial Conference travel will generally require charter bus transportation that is centrally negotiated and arranged through the athletics office.  Student-athletes are required to travel with the team, using college transport to and from all sport-related activities.  Permission may be granted to allow a student to travel back to campus or to a student’s home with a family member only after the proper waiver has been granted by the coach, parents and Athletic Director (see 6.a below).  And also as stated below, the Athletic Department requires that all athletics related driving be done by coaches or approved Juniata College personnel.   

When departing from or returning to campus in a college van or mini-bus for an event it is the coaches’ responsibility to record beginning and ending mileages (college fleet vehicles only).  Upon return to campus the head coach is responsible for assuring that all vehicles are clean of debris and personal belongings.  Boxes of garbage should be taken to the dumpster behind Ellis Hall (not left in front of the gym).  When returning college fleet vehicles to the proper parking lot the coach has a responsibility to fill gas tanks in preparation for the vehicle's next excursion, record ending mileage, and deposit mileage form, credit cards and keys to the designated slot located on the physical plant building.

Travel Conduct and Rules:

  • Dress for travel on a Juniata athletic trip should be appropriate as directed by the coach.  When attending meetings and coaches' functions as a representative of Juniata College athletics, athletes and coaches should dress in a professional manner so that a positive image is projected. Whenever possible wear Juniata clothes and especially refrain from promoting other colleges.
  • Tobacco - No use of tobacco is permitted while on any part of a college sponsored trip.
  • Alcohol - Athletes are not to consume alcoholic beverages while traveling and representing the college.  Student-athletes of legal drinking age are included in this rule. Although coaches are not restricted from alcohol consumption, the department requires responsible, legal and minimal usage if any (and never in the presence of athletes).
  • Drugs - No controlled substances other than for medical purposes shall be taken at any time while on a Juniata athletics sponsored trip.


  • The Head Coach is responsible for the traveling party and has an awesome responsibility in caring for the lives of other peoples’ children.
  • Coaches must follow safe driving practices at all times while transporting athletes.
  • Coaches should obtain directions and a reasonable estimate of driving time before departing.
  • Speed limits must be strictly observed.  Any speeding or parking tickets are the responsibility of the driver, not the College.   There are no exceptions to this policy, regardless of circumstances.
  • As stated above, the athletic department requires that coaches or other Juniata College personnel are the only drivers during college-sponsored trips.  In the event that an absolute emergency arises during a trip and a student must fulfill this responsibility, the student driver must, if at all possible, have previously passed the College’s driving exam, be at least 21 years of age and possess a current, valid driver's license.
  • While traveling in vans on college-sponsored trips all athletes and coaches are required to use safety belts.
  • When drivers are tired or when encountering potentially dangerous road conditions, coaches should exercise extreme caution and good judgment in terminating a trip and finding lodging en route.  Budgetary, time or academic concerns should not be factored into these decisions.

Leaving the group

  • In order for a student to have permission to travel to or from an event by means other than school provided transportation, prior approval from the coach, athletic director and parent/guardian (written/signed) is required.  The head coach may allow travel in non-school transportation provided the athlete has a legitimate, necessary need for alternate travel and permission as defined above has been granted.
  • Permission to go out after arriving at a given destination may be granted by the coach.  The coach should be informed at all times with respect to where each student can be reached.  The coach is legally responsible for everyone on the trip.

Travel Party- Apart from rostered and NCAA registered Student-Athletes, only working Athletics Department and Juniata College Personnel are generally permitted to travel in college owned vehicles, leased buses, or any Juniata subsidized transportation during trips to and from competitions sites.  Working personnel could include trainers, sports information personnel, equipment managers, coaches or administrators.  Any individual (including family members) not meeting the above criteria must have approval from the Director of Athletics prior to joining a travel party. 

When planning international trips, prior approval for the trip and (highly recommended) tour operator must be approved by the Director of Athletics.
Trainers must accompany all international or extended break trips unless prior approval is given by Juniata’s Head Trainer.

Proper (quality and number) chaperones must be arranged for international trips as to allow the Head Coach enough assistance to ensure safety of team members and trip participants. Any expenses for said chaperone(s) are the responsibility of the Head Coach and/or trip organizer.

Purchasing alcohol, illegal drugs or other contraband while on a Juniata College Athletics trip is not permitted.

Conduct deemed unbecoming a Juniata College Student Athlete while on a Juniata Athletics trip can be punished by loss of student-athlete eligibility by Athletics Administration.

No visitors are permitted in Juniata College student-athlete, assistant coach or manager guestrooms unless those guests are prior-approved by the head coach.