When a student is interested in elevating a new sport to varsity status, the student should begin by completing and submitting “Elevation to Varsity Status Petition Form.”

The Senior Woman Administrator will review the form and contact the Gender Equity Committee.

Gender Equity Committee will review the petition within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the completed petition form.  The committee will discuss the sport and its impact regarding the following:

A)     Gender equity

B)      Regional Competition

C)      Ability to Recruit Athletes for the Sport

D)     Needs that the new sport will require

  1. Coaching Staff
  2. Operating Budget
  3. Recruiting Budget
  4. Facility for practice and competition
  5. Support Services from athletic department and Juniata College
  6. Locker room Facility

4)      The Gender Equity Committee will categorize the sport at a Level I, II, III, IV or V and file a brief report outlining rationale.

5)      The Senior Woman Administrator, Athletic Director and Title IX Coordinator will discuss the committee’s findings with the Dean of Students. 

6)      A copy of the Gender Equity Committee’s report  will be shared with the person(s) who filled out “Elevation to Varsity Status Petition Form.”