In an effort to maintain proper institutional control, as required for continued membership to the National Collegiate Athletic Association we wish to address potential vulnerabilities associated with coaches’ and clubs’ fundraising and procurement activities.  Please be advised that the following policy is effective immediately. 

All fundraising and/or procurement activity within the department of athletics shall be administered in keeping with prudent management and fiscal practices as prescribed by institutional and NCAA regulations. 

Institutionally, this requires that any financial transactions made with outside vendors, on behalf of the college, must include an authorized purchase order requisition prior to the placement such an order.  This includes purchases of any and all related apparel and equipment, purchased through any specific varsity account or associated club accounts, for use by individuals associated with Juniata College. 

Additionally, as per bylaw 6.2.3 of the NCAA Manual, all expenditures and revenue for or in behalf of a Division III member institution’s intercollegiate athletics program shall be subject to the institution’s regular financial audit.  In particular, additional revenue and expenditures associated with outside groups or individuals shall be included.  This requires that all funds raised on behalf of any program be deposited and maintained within the institution.