Transfer of Credits

Transfer Clearance Process - Import credits after matriculation: 

(NOTE - with Juniata's new GenEd curriculum, many of these equivalencies might change, please check with the appropriate Department Chair)

The listings below will show courses already approved by the academic departments and catalogued by the Registrar's Office. Students must pick up the clearance form and get both advisors approval to accept the courses and the form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Transfer credit is granted only for academically-valid courses in which the student earns a grade of C- or higher. Credit is normally only awarded for courses taken at a similarly accredited institution.

IMPORTANT NOTE**** Courses NOT appearing in the list are considered NEW and will need a "Request for Clearance of Transfer Credit" pre-approval to transfer credit back to Juniata with all signatures required by the Department Chair and both advisors. The form must be submitted to our office, ideally, before you take the course. For specific department policy, please go to the CATALOG and look under course instruction for requirements. In particular: math and social science.

Transfer Credits accepted by Juniata from other schools by institution/course number:


  • Institutions for transfer credit already evaluated listed by school
  • Equivalents for our coursework that matches to the schools i.e. MA-1XXTR will be accepted but not a direct equate
  • International Equivalent Courses for Eagle Abroad coursework

International Students: Have you completed university classes? There two ways in which international credit transfer can be processed:

  1. If courses are being transferred from a partner university the original academic records should be submitted to the Dean of the Center for International Education for evaluation.
  2. If the courses are being transferred from a university which has not been previously 'recognized' by Juniata,, the student should contact two recommended credential evaluation companies. Please follow the instructions on their website :

In either case, students who wish to transfer credits should initiate the process prior to arrival so that the information can be readily available as they choose their courses for the first two semesters. Please note once you have matriculated there is a policy of how much credit you may transfer. Look to the Academic Planning for Transfer credit policy.

For more information regarding the transfer clearance process, contact the Registrar's Office at 814 641-3165 or

Transfer FAQ