What should you expect?

Courses in the Accounting, Business, and Economics (ABE) Department have an emphasis on hands-on experience that enables students to see how the concepts and theories learned in the classroom apply to the real world. This hands-on experience comes from opportunities in class as well as outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore internships and job shadowing. In addition, students can even create their own businesses through the Juniata Center for Entreprenuerial Leadership!

Just what will I take as a freshman?

Each program of emphasis (POE) in the ABE Department is different. However, there are some classes that each first-year student will take to provide a foundation of business concepts and proficiency. These courses include financial accounting, the management process, behavioral analysis of organizations, and microeconomics. 

In the Accounting program at Juniata, you will learn accounting theory and procedures that you will encounter in the audit and tax world as well as on the Certified Public Accounting examination. The program is crafted to give you the technical skills as well as hands on experience in applying those skills. You will work alone and in teams to study application of theory and present your findings to others.  

The core of the Finance POE consists of exposure to all of the areas in a traditional business curriculum. The emphasis of the program is on upper-level courses in finance, accounting, and management information systems. A unique feature of our program is the emphasis on accounting, the language of business, and the important role it plays in financial decision-making.  This variety of skills makes you adaptable and knowledgeable to the fast-paced world of investments and exchange.

The Human Resource Management POE at Juniata College provides a multidisciplinary experience that is firmly anchored in human resource management and management. At Juniata you will explore the other traditional functions of business (accounting, finance, marketing, and productions and operations management). To complement your management study several courses from one of the academic disciplines of communications, peace and conflict studies, or psychology are included in the Human Resource Management POE curriculum.

The International Business POE at Juniata provides a well rounded business foundation with an international edge. The business foundation courses include; financial accounting, managerial accounting, the management process, and behavioral analysis of organizations. Your study of international business would not be complete without foreign language courses, international economic issues, international politics, macro and micro economics.

Studying Management at Juniata will expose you to the traditional functions of business (accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing, and productions and operations management). Your study in these areas will be bathed in a liberal arts perspective that demands keen and creative analysis, quality writing, and capable presentation skills. In addition, it is possible to blend the study of management with information technology or the entrepreneurial program.  

The Marketing POE at Juniata provides you with a unique view of a business from the inside out. The marketing program exposes the student to the traditional inner works of a business with financial accounting, introduction to business, and macro and micro economics. Also, as a marketing student you will discover the complex world of consumer behavior and patterns with courses in marketing management, marketing strategies, cyber marketing, message analysis, and media analysis.

As an Entrepreneurship POE you will start your studies in the traditional business courses and in EB 102 Introduction to Entrepreneurship. This is the first in a four-course sequence that focuses on creating sustainable enterprises. Courses in new venture creation, new venture start-ups, and a capstone experience in entrepreneurship are supported by the Juniata Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, the Sill Business Incubator, and the Seed Capital Program.  

The Philosophy, Politics & Economics POE is a unique POE that blends the political world and thought with the business know-how of economics.  You will not encounter the traditional business courses but will be taking a focused economic curriculum. Your economic curriculum will include; international economic issues, international political economy, principles of microeconomics, and principles of macroeconomics. 

Search for independence?

The ultimate form of learning accounting, business, and economics is actually doing accounting, business, and economics, and we encourage our students to become involved with internships after their sophomore year. Many internships and job-shadowing experiences can be found through the Juniata network of the professors, alumni, and the Juniata Career Services Office.  

Students have many opportunities to network and are encouraged to do so.  Every year, during Homecoming, our business affinity group meets. At the business affinity group meeting, students have a chance to mingle with alumni, professors, and local business owners while enjoying various speakers in a relaxed atmosphere.