Designated POEs

The ABE Department offers a wide variety of designated Programs of Emphasis (majors):

  • Accounting - Every organization that collects and spends money needs accountants. Accounting graduates receive job offers early and are employed by the “Big Four” and other large accounting firms, government agencies, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Business Analytics - Data analysis is increasingly being used to make decisions in a variety of organizations and industries. Juniata’s business analytics Program of Emphasis (POE) provides a broad-based education in quantitative analysis that includes courses in statistics, computer programming, information technology, applied quantitative methods, communication, and writing.
  • Business Information Technology - Organizations need to be able to effectively use information technology (IT) to achieve goals and objectives. Business IT students learn the necessary IT skills and quantitative business skills, which are useful in developing and implementing business-related computer systems.
  • Economics - Economics encompasses every aspect of an organization from supply and demand to movements in interest rates. Economic graduates are equipped with the skills of understanding how to adjust to changing economic conditions which is essential for every business.
  • Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurial students learn how to create organizations. Entrepreneurial graduates are equipped with the skills that every new venture needs, from accounting to management to marketing.
  • Finance - Every organization needs a financial manager to decide what investments should be made and how these funds should be obtained. Finance graduates have an adept and keen sense of market trends, general accounting, and management skills.
  • Health Care Administration - Building on Juniata’s outstanding reputation as liberal arts college with strengths in the sciences, health professions, and business, the Health Care Administration Program of Emphasis (POE) combines coursework from several fields including accounting, finance, organizational leadership, and healthcare-specific topics like genomics.
  • Human Resource Management - An organization’s most important asset is their people. Human resource mangers are needed to effectively managing these valuable human assets providing the organization with a priceless competitive advantage.
  • International Business - Organizations are becoming more multinational in the globalizing economy. International Business graduates who are well-versed in a language, international affairs, and basic business theory are becoming more and more important.
  • Management - Every organization that has employees needs management. Managers are needed at each level of every corporation, firm, government agency, and nonprofit organization.
  • Marketing - Every organization that sells a product or service needs a marketing department. Marketers perform a variety of functions including advertising, pricing, and advising on new business ventures.

Individualized POEs

  • Business Communication
  • Communication and Business/Management/Marketing
  • Sports Management