Career Outcomes

Our results are proven by national test scores, by student employment placements, by alumni engagement, and by our students' successes in external competitions. Most of our graduates obtain employment by the fall of their graduation year. In addition many of our ABE graduates go onto graduate school or obtain advanced certification as CPA’s, CFA’s and more!

  • Graduating seniors in ABE routinely score at or above the 80th percentile on the Major Field Test for business. This national exam is administered each year by the Educational Testing Service, the same people who administer the SATs.
  • Each year students in the business honor society, Tau Pi Phi, compete in an intercollegiate case competitions. These include the Finance Case Competition at McDaniel College and the Tau Pi Phi case competition in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Kristen Penska and fellow Juniata students participated in the Tau Pi Phi competition (2010). As a group Kristen Penska, Zach Jensen, and Shane Gallagher received second place in the three person category of the competition. Kristen stated “The Tai Pi Phi Competition consisted of two Harvard Case Studies. Each was approximately 7-8 pages and consisted of a general business problem. As a group, Zach Jensen, Shane Gallagher, and I drafted an executive summary and created a power point expressing our solution to each of these business problems. We presented these solutions to a panel of three nonacademic judges; meaning they were business owners or work for a business. The judges scored us on our knowledge of case background, our solution, and our overall presentation. The competition was fun; it was great to work with two people who were knowledgeable about different things.”


Adena Delozier and Christine Sumner at the 2015 Tau Pi Phi Case Competition.

2015 Tau Pi Phi Case Competition

Congratulations to Alex Davis, Sara Long, Derek Heath, Tara Black and Vinny Smith for winning the Gill/McDaniel College Finance Case Competition! The competition took place Wednesday, October 10, 2012, at McDaniel College. Also, a special thanks to Professor Kathy Baughman for her help in preparation for the competition.

Congratulations to Gabriel Castro, Megan Coutts, Lindsey Darchicourt, Russ Gray, and Vinny Smith for winning the Gill/McDaniel College Finance Case Competition! The competition took place Wednesday, October 19, 2011, at McDaniel College. A special thanks to Professor’s Randy Rosenberger and Kathy Baughman for their help in preparation for the competition.

business at juniata college

In spring 2011, Juniata students pictured above took second place in the three person category of the case competition. In the photo (left to right) are Provost Jim Lakso, Zachary Jensen, Jared Clark, and Professor Randy Rosenberger. In the second row is Kyle Brewer. Spring 2011 participants. (left to right) 1st row Chau Nguyen ­­, Lindsay Darchicourt 2nd row Zachary Jensen, Caitlin Bigelow, and Jared Clark 3rd row Kyle Brewer, Andy Wolfe, Kevin Rivas and Professor Randy Rosenberger.

Description: E:\DSCN4927.JPG

Other participants for this spring 2011 case competition include (left to right) Chau Nguyen and Lindsay Darchicourt in the front row; Zachary Jensen, Caitlin Bigelow, and Jared Clark in the middle row; and Kyle Brewer, Andy Wolfe, Kevin Rivas and Professor Randy Rosenberger in the back row.


Adena Delozier ’16 is employed as project specialist at Olympus Corporation of the Americas in Center Valley, Pa. Adena began at Olympus immediately following graduation as a corporate fellow in the company's two-year rotational program.

Chris Fulton '16 is employed as a customer supply chain analyst at Mars candy corporation.

Natalie Glinsky '13 is employed as a cost accountant with PPG Industries, Inc., of Oak Creek, Wis.

Krista Hawn '14 is currently employed as a manager at Agri-Service, L.L.C. in Belleville, Md.

Nate Higgins '13 is currently enrolled in Notre Dame’s ESTEEM Masters program, an entrepreneurial program where he will study a combination of science and business.

Paul Kuhn '15 is employed as a systems analyst at UPMC in the Information Services Division Rotational (ISDR) program, an accelerated two-year leadership development program focused on building a strong foundation in information services management through four distinct six-month rotations.

Michael Lifshitz '16 will be working in the internal audit division of State Street Corporation in Boston, Mass.

Frank Marino '16 is employed as a software sales representative at Qualtrics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jess Matlack '14 is employed as a recruiter for JFC Staffing Companies. As a recruiter she works with companies in the Lancaster County area to find local talent. She specializes in skilled trades. In a typical day she sources candidates, conducts interviews, performs reference checks, negotiates pay-rates and benefits, makes sales calls, and manages employees once they are placed in a position.

William Powers '14 is currently employed at Fulton Financial Corporation in Lancaster, Pa.

Coleman Rigg '15 is employed as a junior account executive at FVM which is a marketing agency outside of Philadelphia, Pa. His role is largely project management and research. On the project management side, he oversees and manages specific marketing tactics and on the research side, he is heavily involved with new clients. All of this work is then consolidated and can be presented to clients.

Amanda Short ’17 is a marketing specialist at Kdan’s headquarters in Tainan, Taiwan. Juniata professor Wei-Chung Wang is also an executive at this company, and has been helping her get acquainted with her new home.

Vinny Smith '13 continues to operate Proficient Social, a business consulting company that he launched with funds from Juniata's Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Rob Strauss '13 is employed in the financial management rotation program at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he completed an internship prior to graduation.