The campus currently has numerous facilities available for student use, including several public computer labs, some labs dedicated to specific departmental uses, the Muddy Run Cyber Cafe, an advanced network teaching lab, and the Technology Solutions Center lab. Most of the classrooms on campus are equipped with Smart board technology. In addition, a Mac lab was recently added to Good Hall.

Dale Hall is the home of the Information Technology, Computer Science, Business, and Communication departments. The Communication Department moved into Dale Hall, to assist in Juniata's effort to integrate communications into the Information Technology and Computer Science disciplines, as good communication skills are the foundation for a POE in technology.

C102 Lab

  • Use of VMWare on the lab computers allows students to build their own client computers and set up their own servers without affecting Juniata's larger networking operations.
  • Flexible networking allows faculty to build isolated networks, or hook up to the Juniata network, as needed.
  • Unix, Sun and Intel based servers are available for student use, typically at a ratio of two students to one server.

Technology Solutions Center

  • The Technology Solutions Center (TSC) is a student-managed media lab. It houses 12 Intel-based Macs, allowing users to run either Apple's Leopard OS or Windows XP.
  • From the TSC, students can reserve digital cameras, iPods and laptops.The TSC also offers training classes in certain software packages, on top of one-on-one help in using any software programs that are on the TSC computers.
  • Some of the software programs available in the TSC include: Adobe Creative Cloud (which includes programs like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Soundbooth, and InDesign), iMovie, iDVD, and Garage Band.
  • All of the services offered are completely free for students.

The GIS and Spatial Analytics Lab

  • The Geographic Information System (GIS) lab is used by students for capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data, which are spatially referenced to the earth. It is also useful for students studying technology to be knowledgeable in GIS.
  • Some of the technologies available to students in the lab include: The Remote Sensing Exploitation Platform (ENVI), Hydrologic Engineering Centers River Analysis System (HEC-RAS), The Data Visualization & Analysis Platform (IDL), IDRISI GIS, and Image Processing Software.

The Innovations for Industry Lab

  • The Innovations for Industry lab is an open and configurable work area for Innovations for Industry students and groups to work on their projects and research, complete with a collection of technology books for reference.
  • The room is also equipped with a large amount of tables and chairs, computers, network hardware, switches, hubs, plenty of white board space, cable TV, VCR, DVD and video projection.
  • Specialized hardware and software for student projects are easily bought on demand by faculty advisors for student projects.