Students in TSC
Photo by Jason Jones
  • 50% of our students work for and manage our campus technology services.
  • Our student-staffed Digital Media Studio can give you experience producing award-winning work. 
  • Our Innovations for Industry course sequence allows students to solve real-world problems for area businesses.
  • Flexible curriculum encourages study abroad and designing your major to maximize your potential.
  • Our IT Advisory Board offers immediate, experienced career networking connections.
  • You will have access to a wide range of technology courses and time to explore the liberal arts.

Why study technology at a liberal arts college?

Google 'technology and the liberal arts' and you will find 100 million reasons, but we feel it comes down to our role as problem solvers and our need for computational creativity in that capacity.  If you focus 100% on technology, you have only a few ways to tackle a problem.  The liberal arts provides us with many ways of thinking, different ideas, and therefore, different ways to approach any given problem.  The liberal arts will make you a better software engineer, systems analyst, database analyst, network admin, etc.  A liberal arts college like Juniata will give you the technology skills and the computational creativity that you need for success in the technology industries or graduate schools.

Interested in Data Science?

We collaborate with the Department of Mathematics in offering a secondary emphasis in Data Science.  We have new/revised courses and much interest from students all over campus in many different POEs.  Watch for more information to come on this exciting new discipline.

Interested in Digital Media?

We collaborate with the departments of Art, Communication, English, and Theatre on our program in Integrated Media Arts!  Check out the IMA program page for more information.

Proven Results!

More than half of our IT and CS graduates for 2018 had accepted positions for employment BEFORE graduation.  Find us on Facebook for updates as they come in and check out our outcomes page.