Innovations for Industry

Innovations for Industry (I4I) is a partnership between IT/CS students and select organizations for the purpose of IT project development and implementation.  This course sequence serves as a capstone experience for the students, giving them an outlet to apply everything that they have learned throughout their time at Juniata.  It provides them with real world experiences that they can add to a resume and discuss during job interviews and it delivers needed products and services to participating businesses and other types of organizations.

The I4I sequence (IT 307/308/380/480) requires teams of students to function as project development teams, applying IT solutions to opportunities and problems in businesses and other organizations. 

  • Students are exposed to many aspects of systems analysis, design, development, and implementation, as well as project management tools and techniques.
  • Students assume different roles in the projects as they progress including developer, designer, project manager, and tester/quality controller.
  • These are real projects with real deadlines. While much of the project work is done on campus, an important part of the course is the exposure students get to the inner workings of organizations and to the people working within those organizations. 

Current Projects

Fall 2018:
Technology based Projects

New Pig Corporation, Brian Kirkpatrick

KCF Technologies, Mark Edwards and Alyssa Cousins

Business Application Projects

Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau, Ed Stoddard and Matt Price

Juniata College, Adam Steele

Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11, Jigar Patel

Spring 2018
Technology based Projects

Fort Mill, SC EMS, Tim McMichael - The project application will collect firefighter baseline medical data for use during fire rehabilitation services.  This baseline data will assist EMS personal in determining a safe to return to duty recommendation when evaluating fire fighters on site.

Huntingdon County Business and Industry (HCBI), Bob Reitman - This effort will actively identify and then begin collection of the data available to entities in Huntingdon County for aid in a wide variety of economic development and business attraction activities within the county.

Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau (HCVB), Greg Anderson - Raystown Lake Visitors Bureau has been in the development stages of an app and website that can assist in promoting the Arts to local residents and regional tourists along the Rt. 26 corridor that stretches from Bedford, through Huntingdon and past State College.  This project continues work on the app as well as the website.

New Pig Corporation, Brian Kirkpatrick - Customer Portal Data Management Tool, the goal of the project is to collect and store data to allow NewPig to efficiently and consistently provide data to customers.

Business Application Projects

Juniata College, Adam Steele - The Marketing Department at Juniata College wants to facilitate the transition of our old Community Service web section to our Community Engagement section of the website. What better team could define what the Community Engagement section should be than a current group of students?  We want these students to research other examples, and work with the current staff on the redesign.

GoDEZI LLC, Adam Miller - Reconstruct a marketing program for GoDEZI LLC that increases market share of Transportation in the Huntingdon, Altoona and State College markets with particular focus on college-age students, corporate travel, event            travel and identified novel markets of interest that have otherwise been undiscovered.

Force for Health, Dr. Gillio - The Force for Health Foundation is creating a movement in communities such as Huntingdon and is introducing the community to healthy practices and providing resources for education, care referral, and programs to promote physical activity and health literacy.  Students will be engaged with an activity to meet with the clients and design a program that uses online tools (HealtheThon) and in county resources (the parks, lakes and prison) to create a signature set of events....the Huntingdon HealtheThon online and on site series of physical and mental activity challenges and competition.

Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau (HCVB), Ed Stoddard - The Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau (HCVB) would like to collect data from people engaged in leisure activities in the Raystown Lake Region of Pennsylvania. We would like to know information like: home zip code, age, activities, etc. Our purpose is to build target audiences for our internal strategic discussions and for external discussions with our tourism partners.  Student will work with HVCB to design a process to collect this data.