Student Outcomes in IT and Computer Science

Anne Baynes '06, Assistant Network Administrator/PC and Database Technician for the Jenkins Law Library in Philadelphia.

Adam Bergstein '06, Software Development Engineer at Link Computer Corporation.

Duane Bougher '06, Software Engineer at Minitab in State College, PA.

Joe Cardinale '06, Graduate Student at Thomas Cooley Law School in Lansing, MI.

Michael Cassatt '12, Elizabeth Donovan '12, David Lamberson '13, Aimee Reinaker '11, and Jakub Szulaczkowski '12 received a $25,000 KIZ grant for their new student business Techno Mango, LLC. Each student in the venture has received $5,000 from the JCEL Student Seed Capital Fund, funds that have been earmarked by the Huntingdon County Keystone Innovation Zone for new ventures that fall within certain types of industries, such as information technology, life sciences, environmental/renewable energy and advanced manufacturing.

Sonika Chandra '15 is employed as an e-marketer for Active Motif in San Diego, Calif. While an undergraduate, Sonika worked for Juniata’s marketing department and interned for Citizens of the Arts in Harrisburg, Pa.

Joseph Chura '06, Software Engineer at Minitab in State College, PA.

Zachary Coble '06, Information Systems Specialist at the State College School District.

Alyssa Cuttler '10 is currently employed as a production assistant for Barenholz Productions, the production company famous for films like Raising Arizona and No Country For Old Men. Alyssa’s undergraduate internship with Rachel Ray helped her secure her current role.

Monae Dewitt '13 recently completed an internship in film under Emmy Award winning filmmaker Ken Burns.

Elizabeth Donovan '12 is employed with National Security Technologies in their Homeland Security Division, working in the Remote Sensing Lab at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nev.

Josh Fishel '09 is currently employed as a Systems Analyst at Memorial Hospital in York, Pa. His job duties include programming, building a new interface engine and lending a hand at the Help Desk. He credits his self-created C++ independent study, undertaken in his senior year, as the key to his current job success. His Juniata mentor was mathematician Gerry Kruse.

Anthony Glossner '14 and Tu Zhonghong '14 are employed at comScore, Inc., after interning at the company prior to graduating.

Rebecca Jankowski '06, Informations Systems Engineer at Vanguard in Malvern, PA.

Chris Kochel '06, Information Support PC 1st Line at The Hershey Company.

Lindsey Lang '06, IT Systems Analyst at Tyco Electronics in Harrisburg, PA.

Michelle Lewis '13 is employed as a cyber security specialist at Edgewater Federal Solutions in Gaithersburg, Md.

Alex Loughran '12 is currently pursuing his master’s degree in entertainment technology at Carnegie Mellon University.

Joseph Maher '09 is employed by Mutual Benefit Group in Huntingdon, Pa. After a summer internship at Mutual Benefit, Joseph landed this job in which his regular job duties include in-house utilities and reports and download support calls. He credits professors Loren Rhodes and Bill Thomas as being very helpful to him in preparing for his current career.

Mike Melvin '14 is employed as a marketing coordinator and graphic designer at CorpU in Philadelphia, Pa.

James Nelson '06, Technology Support Analyst at Penn Manor SD in Lancaster, PA.

Thomas Nelson '06, Software Engineer at Raytheon, in State College, PA.

Matthew Newman '06, IMLP at NBC Universal in Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY.

Travis Raup '11 has accepted an offer to work as the Assistant Manager of Web Services and Databases for the American Anthropological Association. An alum, and IT board member, Lisa Myers '81, gave Travis a heads up that the position was available.

Tristan Reid '12 is employed at Deloitte Consulting, L.L.P., in Camp Hill, Pa., as a business technology analyst.

Aimee Reinecker '12 is employed as an application developer at Highmark Healthcare in Camp Hill, Pa.

Glenn Roth '06, Gov IT Contractor / System Administrator at Advanced Information System Inc.

Chris Sinisi '16 will be working in the information services department at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Lesley Snoby '06, Information Systems Engineer at Vanguard in Malvern, PA.

Chris Vrooman '11 is currently employed as a junior systems analyst at iServe Technologies in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Arianne Waddington '11 is currently employed by the Glendale Area Medical Association. She was the project lead on an I4I project for the GAMA in the fall 2010 semester. Now, Arianne will be working for GAMA full time.

Nora Wainwright '08 is currently employed as a Web Development Specialist at Project Performance Corporation. She credits the course Innovations for Industry as "without a doubt" the course that best prepared her for her current work. "At my job interview, they were blown away that I already knew and had participated in every part of the consulting process," Nora says.

Brianna Watt '16 is employed by Google in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


John Wright taught an online version of IT111 in the summer of 2010, which he presented with Phil Dunwoody to the SoTL group on October 20. Yvonne Clark, Celia Cook-Huffman and John Wright registered for and attended (virtually) the 16th Annual Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning.

As a part of his Coleman fellowship Bill Thomas attended the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) conference in Chicago (, where he participated in programming designed specifically for the Coleman Fellows, in addition to the CEO conference sessions.

Donna Weimer shared two panels at the PA Communication Association, East Stroudsburg PA October 18-20, 2010

Marlene Burkhardt gave a presentation entitled “Social Selling Methods” which was coauthored with two recent alums, Andrew Steffan and Caleb Davis, at the NABET regional conference. Additionally she gave a second presentation entitled “OTC Market Research: Lessons for Viagra?” was coauthored with another recent alum, Andrew Zipparo.

Jerry Kruse, John Wright, and Bill Thomas were co-chairs of the CCSC Eastern Region conference held at Juniata College.

Marlene Burkhardt chaired the NABET regional conference held in State College, additionally she is a member of the NABET board.

Marlene Burkhardt co-presented a workshop with Bill Eddins of York College of Pennsylvania and was entitled “How to Use the NABET Open Conference System.” The conference system was developed in conjunction with Juniata College’s Innovations for Industry program. 

Jerry Kruse was named a Teagle Foundation Teaching and Learning Scholar.

Bill Thomas was named a Coleman Foundation Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellow.

Jerry Kruse and Bill Thomas presented their paper a Capstone Course Sequence in Information Technology at the National Capstone Design conference in Boulder Colorado.

Loren Rhodes traveled to Germany and the Czech Republic for exchange reviews at institutions in those countries.  He has plans to travel to France for the same purpose.

Donna Weimer reviewed the program in Communication and Media, at Colby College.

Loren Rhodes, Jerry Kruse, Bill Thomas, and John Wright attended the SIGCSE conference in Milwaukee.

Bill Thomas proposed and moderated a session at the SIGCSE conference on use of virtualization in the class room.

Bill Thomas presented a poster titled Using Virtualization in the Classroom to Solve Sticky Problems at the CCSC Eastern conference at Villanova University. The poster won first place in the faculty division. 

Donna Weimer is Editor of the Pennsylvania Communication Annual journal.

Donna Weimer is working on a partnership with University of Ulster in Creative Technologies.